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How to choose the ideal workshop space for rent?

Workshops are becoming popular in Vietnam since they help develop the knowledge and skills to advance professionally and personally. Then, the choice of the ideal workshop space for rent is always carefully considered to ensure a successful event. So what should businesses pay attention to when choosing a workshop space for rent? Let’s find out in the article below!  

What is Workshop?

Workshop is a type of seminar held for the purpose of exchanging knowledge, experience, and specialized skills about a certain field. The main hosts of the workshops are usually speakers or guests with expertise or influence in a certain field.

A workshop usually last between 3 and 4 hours, and it includes many different content and implementation methods. But in general, the structure of a workshop is typically divided into two main parts: The sharing of experts and guests, and the Q&A session between participants and speakers.

Types of workshops based on Purpose

Workshop for knowledge sharing

This is a very common form of workshop that is extremely convenient in organizing. In this workshop, there will be one or more lecturers and speakers sharing information or knowledge related to specialized industries. After that, about a third of the remaining talk show time will be spent exchanging and answering questions between participants and speakers.

A knowledge-sharing workshop can attract from a few dozen to several hundred people, and it usually lasts from 2-4 hours depending on the purpose of the organizers and the policy of the workshop space for rent. 

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Workshop for practical training 

This type of workshop is often found within businesses and organizations with the purpose of improving the professional capacity of employees. In this workshop, participants will listen to practical experiences and information from the speakers. At the same time, they will receive direct instructions to practice that knowledge right in the workshop.

The scale of the practice-oriented workshop is usually smaller than the knowledge-sharing workshop, which can last from 3-4 hours with a few dozen participants. 

Workshop for Marketing purposes

This form of workshop is usually held for the purpose of introducing brands and products on the largest scale. Everything in this workshop must be prepared meticulously and thoroughly to help increase brand awareness as much as possible. 

In particular, the workshop for marketing purposes had the presence of many brands and experts. The representatives of brands and experts are responsible for explaining and advising on product issues such as name, function, price, ingredients, intended users, etc.

Normally, the organizers will invite attendees to try the product in person or send it as a gift for them to take home. Due to the nature of the event, this type of workshop may have a big scale of several hundred people, but it is quite difficult to estimate the number of participants. 

How to choose the right workshop space for rent

Clearly define your needs

One of the first and most important things that you must do is to clearly define your need for the workshop. Before proceeding to find a venue, you need to define the purpose, nature, and size of the upcoming workshop. In particular, carefully calculate the number of participants to finger out the workshop locations that fit your demand. 

workshop space rental

Estimate the budgets 

When it comes to hiring a workshop space for rent, it’s always crucial to evaluate the ability to pay for it. Because each rental location has different prices for each rental package. So remember to carefully plan and consult the information related to the rental fee and other costs such as the cost of using equipment, services, tea breaks, etc. The more detailed the budget plan, the faster and easier it will be to find a workshop space for rent.

If you have a tight budget, consider choosing a workshop space that is less well-known. Because those locations often have a lower cost than the other rental in common, but still basically meet the requirements of amenities and necessary facilities.

Research and sum up the workshop space for rent in the area 

Once you have carefully considered your needs and budget, start narrowing down the workshop locations. You should search for information on reputable platforms like Coworker or reliable websites suggested by Google. In particular, take the time to carefully read the information on each website. Then, make a comparison of all workshop spaces for rent to filter out the most suitable one.

Consider the location of the workshop venue

The location is one of the most influential factors contributing to the success of the workshop. If the workshop space for rent is located in a difficult-to-find location or surrounded by a boring environment, the experience of participants will be lowered significantly. Therefore, an ideal workshop space for rent should be located near the city center or a vibrant area with an easy-to-find address.

In addition, amenities should also be carefully considered when choosing a workshop location. For example, the attached services such as restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, spas, and entertainment areas, … will help customers relax and enjoy leisure time after many hours participating in the workshop.

Direct survey of workshop locations

To ensure that the workshop venue meets your expectations, take the time to visit the site in person before signing the contract with the lessor. You should consider some important points such as facilities, security, staff, capacity, location, etc. In particular, pay attention to the design style and the space’s layout to make sure it is suitable for the nature of the workshop. 

Facilities: The workshop space for rent should be fully equipped with the necessary equipment and services, including tables and chairs, projectors, screens, audio equipment, water, etc., and other support services. If the workshop is related to outdoor activities, it is advisable to choose locations with a garden area, a rooftop, a green and airy area so that the activities can take place more comfortably and conveniently.

Capacity: Make sure the conference space has the right capacity for the number of people that confirm their participation. That way you can determine how to arrange tables and chairs for guests and the necessary equipment for the event, which help you avoid situations of lack or excess of seats for participants.

Staff: Pay attention to the staff of the workshop venue. Well-trained and experienced staff will help and assist with equipment-related issues and ensure better service.

Decoration and design: A place’s design and layout should also be carefully considered to determine whether they are appropriate for the workshop’s needs.

Parking: The majority of event participants will choose to go to the workshop venue on their own. If you have important guests to attend, having a good parking service will also create a good impression and show the professionalism of the conference. Therefore, make this one of the important criteria to survey when visiting the event venue. In case the location does not have parking, see if the nearby areas have suitable parking.

Security: The level of security of the venue is also important to note. Choose locations with high-quality security systems that include on-site security guards and 24/7 surveillance cameras to ensure the safety of participants.

Workshop space for rent in Danang

workshop space rental

Located near the center of Da Nang City, Enouvo Space is a prestigious and modern workshop space for rent. 

Here, businesses can organize professional workshops with modern equipment and diverse-sized event spaces. In addition to workshop venues, Enouvo Space also provides spaces for different purposes such as presentations, meetings, training, etc., with a capacity of up to 100 people. 

Businesses can choose to organize workshops in a private large room or change the atmosphere with the event spaces on the rooftop of Enouvo Space.

If you are looking for a workshop space for rent in Da Nang, contact Enouvo Space now for a free consultation. 

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