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Work smarter, not harder: 8 Tips to work productive

Keeping productive work in the fast-paced and ever-changing work environment of today is not easy. Not to mention the challenging and stressful office atmosphere makes many people tired and overloaded, which has an impact on work outcomes. That’s when you need to learn and apply practical ways to work productively. Here are some techniques for getting the job done well! 

1. Organize your daily task

Improving time management skills is one of the best ways to work productive. When there’s too much to do, create a to-do list and prioritize them. Make it a habit to start planning your day and self-assess the results of your work that day. This will help you not to miss any work and manage the rest easier.

Another piece of advice for you is to prioritize the important tasks first and break them down to avoid being overwhelmed by the huge workload.

work productivity
Make your work productive by planing a suitable schedule

2. Take a rest at the right time

Many professionals and productive people say they cannot work continuously for 8 hours since this makes them feel stressed and less productive. That’s why breaks are essential for refueling. You can refer to the Pomodoro method to adjust working time scientifically.

This method suggests taking a 5-minute break every 25 minutes to restore energy. If you want to work for longer periods of time, take a 5-10 minute break after completing a task. During that break, drink plenty of water, do some soft exercise, chat with friends or those around you, etc. 

3. Learn to say “no”

Saying “no” seems to be a simple thing, but it’s not easy for some people. You may be a nice and kind person who is always ready to assist others, but it’s also a double-edged sword when you help others while being overwhelmed with a heavy workload.

If someone asks for your assistance during your busy time, gently decline them with a smile. Time is an asset that is shared equally by everyone. Therefore, you should use it appropriately instead of creating time pressure for yourself. However, try to say “no” politely and tactfully to avoid making unnecessary misunderstandings.

4. Self-motivate by sticking to set goals

Self-motivation is a powerful way to work productively as it can help break the bad habit of procrastination. Motivation can come from career goals, which are among the top factors that push you to overcome immediate difficulties. Every time you feel discouraged, think about the things that have been motivating you. You can find motivation through your interest like music, books, or good advice from those around you.

Besides, get in the habit of marking “done” when you have completed a task in the plan and give yourself a treat. By doing this, you will feel more positive and excited because you have achieved your goals. 

5. Actively learn and gain experience

Being proactive is a good habit that promotes capacity growth and performance improvement. It also opens up many unexpected opportunities in the development of each person’s career. Take the initiative to pick up new, beneficial knowledge from the successes or failures of those who have gone before, and actively learn from their experiences.

This is a good method to quickly fix your own shortcomings and find a way to work productive. However, each person’s experience may not be the same as yours. So it is important to choose the right people for helpful advice and apply them appropriately.

work productive
Learning and gaining experience are also simply ways to make your work productive with good knowledge and advice

6. Stay away from your phone

Keep yourself away from distractions, especially your phone, which reduces your ability to concentrate. Sometimes you often reach for the phone unconsciously, and even when you have no intention to use it, you hardly stay focused because notifications keep popping up.

The best way to keep your productive work is to stay as far away from the phone as possible. Turn off all notifications and keep them out of your reach. For example, put it in a location away from the desk or in a drawer. 

Besides, the environment around us has a big impact on our ability to focus. Choose a workplace that is quiet enough and not easily affected by external influences, or wear soundproof headphones in case you can’t change the working environment.

7. Regularly self-assess work progress

Try to self-assess your progress on a regular basis in order to boost your working spirit. There are many ways to know how well you are doing. For example, measuring the level of completion of work on deadline, evaluating the score obtained on the skill scale, or taking objective comments from others. This self-evaluation process will help you identify the difference between expectations and reality, so you can know what you need to improve and what you need to learn more. 

8. Take advantage of AI technologies 

Another useful way to work productively is using the applications of AI technologies. The development of technology today has provided a lot of smart tools to support the human working process. So taking advantage of these advancements will help you save a lot of time and effort.

Here are some tools that can help with any job or profession:

  • Google Calendar: A tool to schedule events, make to-dos, and create meetings.
  • Google Keep: A note-taking tool that can link to other Google apps
  • A Scheduler combined with a todo list
  • Gtask: A tool composing a todo list and reminding you to do it
  • Trello: A simple and effective task management tool 
how to be more productive at work
AI can make your work productive without putting too much effort

There are numerous AI tools available with a wide range of functionality to meet every purpose. However, most applications only focus on serving a certain aspect. So, the key is that you need to choose the tools that best suit the nature of the job. Take some time to evaluate whether these tools are useful to your work and learn to use them effectively.

The above tips are some practical strategies you can use to work productive. Enouvo Space hopes that this article has provided you with useful knowledge to help you perform better and gain more success at work. 

If you are finding a place to unbox your productivity, welcome to Enouvo Space. Our workspace is a dynamic and inspiring environment that fuels motivation and enhances your work experience. We strive to create an atmosphere where you can feel inspired, supported, and empowered to achieve the best work. Contact Enouvo Space now for pre-booking!

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