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What is Co-living? Pros and Cons of Co-living spaces

You must have known about Coworking space, but do you know that Coliving space is also a rising trend in recent years? Going far beyond the old models of traditional accommodation, co-living space with the new concept of housing is getting more attractive to youngsters, especially the Digital Nomad community. So what is Co-living and should you choose a Co-living space for your live? Let’s explore with us!

What is Co-living? 

Co-living are living spaces where people can live, work and interact with each other under one roof. It can be shared or private apartments or dorms in a house or a building, in which people live together and share interests as well as values to grow as a connected community. Coliving models are getting more popular and preferred more than traditional rental housing by their agility and convenience. However, there are always doubts about something new and different, does the Coliving ensure the safety and security of the tenants? You can get to know more about this through the Pros and cons that we’re mentioning below, check it carefully before you choose one!

what is Co-living

Pros of Co-living

1. Reduce Expenses

First and foremost, Co-living helps to reduce expenses. The members of Co-living have their own beds or even private bathroom, but the nature of Co-living is sharing the communal areas in terms of living space, kitchen or living room, and so on. As a result, they share the expenses together from electricity, water and other different costs in the house. 

On the other hand, people normally have to buy and fill up their houses with furniture on their own if they rent a traditional apartment. This hits the most that Co-living is attractive to youngsters and especially millennials who are digital nomads since they don’t need to pay too much at the beginning to set up their home. Nowadays, young people tend to travel to developed countries or cities to make money, but the housing rental is way too expensive for them to afford. Then Co-living has helped them with these problems where they can have a proper and even convenient living at an affordable price. 

2. Enhance Productivity

what is Co-living

For most of the points, Co-living is similar to Co-working space, it’s where people enable their openness and collaboration to make a strong community. Lots of Co-living spaces have been built by the Co-working spaces’ owners since the value they want to aim for is the community. Therefore, Co-living tends to be integrated into the same building or same area with the Co-working space so that people can live and work together without losing time sitting in the traffic. This absolutely enhances the productivity of the coworkers more than the thing that they have to transfer from their home to the office.

3. Flexible Term of Living

Another thing that makes Co-living stand out more than the others is its flexibility in terms of living duration. People normally have to pay a deposit and sign a contract for 6 months to 1 year for their rental, but you don’t have to worry about it if you use the Co-living. Co-living offers both short-term and long-term for the tenants even if it’s only for days or months. This is an advantage that is definitely beneficial to the digital nomads who are always on the move and require freedom to travel among cities. Also, they are not tied up too much with the rental contract and the deposit so that they can feel free to live and move whenever they want. 

4. Form New Connection 

what is Co-living

As mentioned above, people living in Co-living spaces live and share their interests, values, and support with each other as a community. They may come from different places but thanks to this concept of living together, they meet and have daily conversations under one roof that forms their new connection. This helps very much if you’re desiring to make friends, open your network or find your partners in business among like-minded people. Moreover, people at the Co-living have more chances to get connected with their daily routine, activities and events held by the owners or by themselves, which can’t be greater to meet and get to know new people.

Cons of Co-living

Of all those Pros, does Co-living have any issues, and what is Coliving’s con? 

1. Lack of Privacy 

As a result, we can say that if you would like to have absolute privacy like your own house, Co-living may not be a certain one based on its nature of concept to share things. Living in a community, you will meet a lot of people, live together and share other things with them and it’s quite hard if you just want to live on your own without an open mind. However, you still have your private room to sleep in or do personal things outside of the communal areas. 

2. Uncertain Safety and Security

You may have the question: “How can we keep the safety of ourselves as well as our property if we live together”. That’s true! Living with a bunch of strangers may cause problems in terms of trust and personal benefits. Therefore, you should consider the most carefully before deciding to live with a Co-living provider. Acknowledge their awareness in the community, their popularity, and their trustworthiness by finding out more about their information on the Website or even better if they do have testimonials from their Co-living members. One more thing you can also take note is the profession of their staff and their security systems throughout the building. You can improve your living experience if you have helpful staff guiding you. 

What can Enouvo Space help?

what is Co-living


Confidently being the first coworking & coliving space in Danang, Enouvo Space is proud to become an inspiring home for co-creative digital nomads in Vietnam.

Are you considering renting a co-living space for your daily work or on occasion? Located in Da Nang, Vietnam, Enouvo Space 2 provides you with a co-living environment with a fun and enjoyable co-connecting space to work, collaborate and meet like-minded people. We also ensure a high-security place with cameras and 24/7 guards. In addition, we also have a co-working space and café shop right next door so you can perfectly enjoy working and living days!

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