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What is a Virtual Office? A-Z about Virtual Office You Should Know

In recent years, Virtual Office service has become more widely known in the community of young businesses. But the definition of “What is a virtual office?” is still quite vague and has not really been answered to those who are interested in this service. So Enouvo Space will help you answer all about this special service in this article, let’s find out!

1. What is a Virtual Office?

Virtual Office is a type of service in which the lessee will pay to use the lessor’s legal business address to set up its representative office address without having to rent any “real” office. Thus, with only a much lower fee than renting an office, tenants immediately have a legal address to be granted a business registration license, staff to receive mail and phone, … without having to have a visual office.

2. Who is suitable for using a virtual office?

The Virtual Office model can be suitable for many different audiences, specifically:

  • Startups or SMEs do not have much budget to set up an office
  • Individuals intending to establish and register a business
  • Project investors
  • Large domestic company or foreign company wants to open more branches/representative office

đăng ký văn phòng ảo đà nẵng

In short, a virtual office provides a business address and a few other necessary services such as reception, meeting rooms, … to help new businesses/individuals in the market they aim to minimize costs but also meet their needs. Especially, in the new normal period affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, Virtual Office has become “HOT” more than ever and is considered the optimal solution for young businesses when entering the Da Nang market.

3. Is the virtual office legal?

So with only renting an address to register for your business and the phrase “virtual” easily causes ambiguity, what is the legitimacy of a virtual office?

According to Clause 10, Article 4 of the Enterprise Law 2020 of Vietnam, “Enterprise” is an organization with its own name, assets, transaction office, established or registered for establishment in accordance with the law for the purpose of doing business.

In addition, according to Article 42 of the Enterprise Law 2020, the enterprise’s head office is located in the Vietnamese territory, is the contact address of the enterprise and is determined according to the administrative unit boundaries; have a phone number, fax number and email (if any).

Thus, at present, Vietnamese law does not have content that requires that “the head office of an enterprise” must be the direct working place of that enterprise. Moreover, the virtual office model is not one of the types of business that the Vietnamese law prohibits or does not allow, so renting and leasing a virtual office is not considered a infringement of the law.

4. What are the benefits of a virtual office?

van phong ao da nang

Currently, virtual office service is no longer a strange concept in the community of young businesses. Because of the benefits it brings, it helps business owners save a lot of time, money and effort in the early days of establishing/building a business. Among the most notable benefits are as follows:

  • Save many times the cost compared to renting an office
  • Get a nice office address in the city that is convenient for your business
  • Reception staff is available to receive phones and parcels delivered to the business promptly and quickly without spending a cent on recruitment
  • Create transparency and professionalism when having an address, business name board, phone number, fax number, meeting room, etc. when dealing with customers
  • Easily connect and meet up with customers in case of need
  • Minimize loss of important mails

5. Things you should notice when renting a Virtual Office

With a type of service that involves a lot of legal, procedural issues like Virtual Office, understanding the nature and paying careful attention before deciding to hire a service is a really necessary step. Here are the things Enouvo Space has compiled based on the real case that our Virtual Office customers have encountered, let’s note them!

  • Make sure the transparency and trustworthiness of the virtual office service provider company. Currently, this type of service is not regulated in the law, so the fact that Da Nang market has grown many virtual office service providers in the market is something you need to pay attention to.
  • Ask a lot of questions carefully and clarify the problem you have with the consultant. If you do not let your question be answered clearly, but just rush to sign the contract, it will affect your rights later when problems arise.
  • Find out what the documents that the State and the Department require your business to provide before deciding to hire. There have been many cases where the lessor could not meet the requirements to provide all relevant documents, so the lessee’s business registration license was delayed and denied, taking a lot of time even to 1 year still not resolved.
  • In addition to renting an address to register your business, when you are granted a license, all information about your business is real, so you must be responsible for business issues with the State. The lessor of the Virtual Office is only the SERVICE AND ADDRESS PROVIDER.

6. Prestigious virtual office provider in Da Nang?

Virtual Office Da Nang

Nowadays, many companies providing virtual office services opened on the Da Nang market. So you need to consider and learn carefully about reputable places for your business! Let’s find out the top 5 Virtual Offices in Da Nang.

7. Why you should rent a virtual office at Enouvo Space?

Proud to be one of the pioneers in providing modern and comfortable working space in Da Nang, Enouvo Space has over 5 years of experience in working and operating from coworking space, office for rent to virtual office from when this type of service is not widely known.

what is Virtual Office

Ngoài kinh nghiệm lâu năm và uy tín mà Enouvo Space mang lại cho khách hàng, bạn sẽ được hưởng những lợi ích gì khi thuê văn phòng ảo tại Enouvo Space?

  • Dịch vụ giá rẻ – Có ngay địa chỉ đẹp để đặt văn phòng đại diện
  • Được cung cấp đầy đủ bộ hồ sơ, chứng từ xịn xò hỗ trợ làm giấy phép Đăng ký kinh doanh với tỷ lệ thành công là 100%, ngay cả với những yêu cầu khắt khe từ doanh nghiệp nước ngoài
  • Đội ngũ nhân viên chuyên nghiệp, nhiệt tình và chu đáo giúp bạn giải quyết các vấn đề liên quan đến pháp lý và tài liệu cung cấp, không lo thất lạc thư từ quan trọng từ khách hàng
  • Hỗ trợ đặt bảng tên công ty bên ngoài tòa nhà, đảm bảo độ tin cậy với khách hàng và cơ quan kiểm tra
  • Được trải nghiệm miễn phí không gian làm việc chung tại Enouvo Space
  • Tiện lợi khi có nhu cầu thuê phòng họp lẻ với dịch vụ trọn gói và giá ưu đãi cho thành viên khi cần tiếp đón khách hàng
  • Chính sách ưu đãi cực hời cho hợp đồng dài hạn

Chắc hẳn đến đây bạn cũng đã thấy được dịch vụ VĂN PHÒNG ẢO với các ưu điểm TIẾT KIỆM – TIỆN LỢI – ƯU VIỆT sẽ là một giải pháp phù hợp có thể giải quyết nhanh gọn những trăn trở của bạn đây, đặc biệt khi bạn đang là một Startup hay SMEs.

Liên hệ Enouvo Space để được tư vấn ngay nhé!

In addition to the experience and prestige that Enouvo Space brings to customers, what benefits will you get when renting a virtual office at Enouvo Space?

  • Affordable price – Then you have a nice address to set up your representative office right away
  • Provided with a full set of genuine documents to support business registration with 100% success, even with strict requirements from foreign businesses
  • Professional, enthusiastic and caring staff help you solve legal issues and documents, without worrying about losing important mails from customers.
  • Support to set up the company name board outside the building, ensure reliability with customers
  • Free experiencing coworking space at Enouvo Space
  • Convenient to rent a meeting room with a membership price when needing to meet up with customers
  • Preferential policy for long-term contract

Surely here you can see the advantages of VIRTUAL OFFICE that is SAVING – CONVENIENT – OPTIMAL will be a suitable solution that can quickly solve your concerns, especially when you are a Startup or SME.

Contact Enouvo Space for booking and advice now!

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