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Explore top 5 of professional Virtual Office in Danang

Suffering from COVID affections, with a minimal budget, maybe the virtual office in Danang is the best solution for enterprises. This service is a new and favorite trend in Vietnam and Da Nang. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 virtual offices in Da Nang.

Enouvo Space – The best virtual office in Danang for SMEs and Startups

what is Virtual Office

If you are looking for a virtual office in Da Nang, Enouvo Space is a reasonable choice to solve your problem without having to spend too much money. So why Enouvo Space’s virtual offices can help you?

Enouvo will provide a full set of genuine documents to support the business registration license with a success rate of 100%, even with challenging requirements from foreign businesses.

What do you think about owning an address to place your representative office and support installing the company name right in front of the Enouvo Space building?

  • As the inspired home for co-creative members in Danang, Enouvo Space is a trusted place to create prestige with customers. Besides, you can have a chance to learn more about running your business or knowledge from Enouvo’s communities.
  • Having dedicated receptionists on hand to receive phone and postal packages to businesses promptly and quickly without spending money on recruiting is one of the virtual office’s benefits. Besides that, you can save a lot of time training or finding qualified staff. 
  • And if you need a private space for a meeting, Enouvo Space will support you with an approaching price. Moreover, Enouvo Cafe on the 1st floor at the same building brings you the right place for discussing or having a meeting with customers or partners professionally without going to another.
  • And the best thing about the virtual office of Enouvo Space is the reasonable price. It is the optimal option for enterprises to save a big budget. With only renting costs, you don’t pay any other fees for experiencing standard extra services without setting up an office in the building. Besides, you also get an appointment with CoPLus – Enouvo’s partner in law and legal procedures when you contact any problems in paperwork.
  • Don’t take too much time to establish your office with an enormous budget and build your staff. A virtual office in Danang is the optimal solution. 

Price range: From 1,000,000 to 1,800,000 VND per month


  • Register a business license using Enouvo Space’s address.
  • Support receiving parcels and notifying the renter.
  • Renter’s company sign will be put on at Enouvo Space prime location
  • Supply free documents for successful registration

Virtual Office Da Nang

The Embassy coworking space – A reliable virtual office for independent entrepreneurs and startups

Embassy Coworking Space in Danang


As a qualified virtual office in Danang, Embassy attracts many enterprises to experience and build their business with a low budget. It is located in the center of the city, convenient for going to other places or meeting customers. Like Enouvo Space, Embassy also provides the address to set up a business license, and staff to support getting a call or postal. Moreover, you can use a meeting room within a limited time, and free photocopy service limited. The embassy often includes fantastic vouchers to enjoy meals or drinks at restaurants or cafes.

Price: From 900,000 VND per month


  • Provide Business license registration address
  • Provide company name tag
  • Support receiving letters, and postal items

Regus – The flexible choice for your business

Virtual Office at Regus

Create a professional appearance for your business, Regus is a virtual office in Danang chosen by a number of companies. As the same with another, Regus offers a full virtual office package, with a business address, contact, and postal management services. Also, you can use a private office limited to solve urgent problems or meet with a team or partner monthly. 

Price: From 990,000 to 1,590,000 VND per month


  • A professional business address in a prime location
  • Optional call handling service available
  • Global business lounge and day office credits with selected plans

ACC – The perfect complex of virtual office and accounting service

ACC comes from an accounting agency consulting paperwork for businesses. Then, to support business owners to establish their companies with a limited budget, ACC creates a virtual office in Danang. With the simple procedures, you only need to provide ACC information to get a contract and register your business address. When you are not available, every call or postal from customers will be answered or received by the receptionist and delivered immediately to the business. Regarding mail, the parcel will be received by the receptionist and transfer to your business center. This is also the advantage of the virtual office in Danang.

Virtual Office in Danang

The Offish – An affordable virtual office in Danang

The Offish virtual office in Danang is considered an office solution that brings many benefits to businesses. It efforts many essential standards of virtual office packages such as legal business registration with a beautiful office. The Offish team is always enthusiastic, and responsible for ensuring communication. The Offish is quite a convenient location. It is easy for you to meet partners with flexible working times and optimize costs.

professional virtual office in Danang

The virtual office in Danang will effort the requirements to set up a company with a super saving budget. Don’t need to spend too much time and investment; you run your business entirely and use a lot of time on optimizing your core business.

Price: From 600,000 VND per month


  • Provide a business registration address in the city center.
  • Provide company name tag
  • Offer professional and available receptionist

Make a call to Enouvo Space on Hotline (+84) 935 330 727 to get more newest information about the optimal solutions for your business.

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