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Coworking Space vs Traditional Office Space – What Really Suits Your Business

When choosing a workplace for your business, there are 2 forms you can consider: coworking space vs traditional office space. Both have their pros and cons, you can scan the main points below to choose the right one. Now, let’s check out in this article!

1. Traditional office space

a. Pros of traditional office space

  • Familiar: Traditional office space provides a consistent and stable routine, offering a structure that helps employees feel familiar and content with their working environment. As a result, staff will feel at home when their desk and other stuff are fixed and untouched.
  • Privacy: Office spaces and meeting rooms frequently offer quiet, professional environments with fewer distractions. There will be no sudden surprises, and you will be able to have a little bit more privacy by owning your desk and space, compared to sharing with strangers.

traditional office space

b. Cons of traditional office space

  • Workplace Relationships: Although relationships are meaningful, traditional office space lacks networking opportunities and social interaction. 
  • Repeatability: As a result of repeatedly working in the same office daily, employees may run down. In turn, it leads to a lack of motivation and unproductivity.
  • Long-term Contracts: Traditional office space involve leasing the office from a commercial landlord and mostly requires a long-term lease, at least one year. This means that businesses will not be able to break the contract or leave the office space until the contract ends. 
  • Office management tasks: Running and managing an office may take time and distract you from focusing on projects.
  • Additional Occupancy Fees: If you find an office space through a third party, you will have to pay them a ‘finder’s fee’. As well as paying rent, businesses also need to pay additional occupancy fees, including maintenance fees, property taxes, and cleaning fees. 

2. Coworking Space

traditional office space

a. Pros of coworking space

  • Built-in management: The landlord will take care of all office management stuff. This does save not only money but also time and energy.
  • No Extra Fees: Unlike traditional office space, renting a flexible office space comes with no hidden costs. As businesses pay a fixed monthly price, their service has been covered everything from maintenance to tax.
  • Flexible contract: Businesses looking for office space may not need to pay the finder mentioned above’s fee. Many also offer flexible short-term and long-term contracts, allowing SMEs to re-evaluate their office space as frequently as needed.
  • Atmosphere variety: Working in a coworking office space allows for working with less routine and structure, which may, in turn, support productivity.

The decor in coworking spaces is often bright, colorful, and filled with inspirational quotes, helping to motivate employees. This type of work offers a more relaxed atmosphere with less pressure or stress compared to traditional office space. Frequently changing people and scenery help employees never get bored and feel excited about the day ahead.

  • Networking opportunities: Instead of just sitting in a private corner, endless networking opportunities is another need-to-know advantage. Working alongside different professionals daily can help foster new business contacts and links with like-minded people. As a result, you are creating a valuable connection that could grow your business.

Coworking spaces also encourage social interaction and open communication. This can help you strengthen and identify business opportunities in a way that may not have been otherwise possible.

traditional office space

b. Cons of coworking space

  • Distractions: Working in these environments may also make some people find it distracting. Which prevents them from taking full advantage of focusing on work. However, this is a chance for you to collect more information and listen to other opinions.
  • Lack of personal branding: Space might not be the best choice to hold a meeting with clients, especially when you want to present a professional branded image. In case, however, you can strengthen your branding by holding an event in the community. This does not help you outstanding only from the clients but also co-workers and entrepreneurs.

3. What is the best choice between coworking space vs traditional office space?

After scanning this articles, we believe that you already have your own decision. Coworking space vs traditional office space, each type of workplace has its advantages and disadvantages, and picking a suitable one for your business is a tough decision that only you – the owner can make.
However, we still highly recommend you to try Coworking spaces, especially in tech-developing cities like Da Nang. We ensure this will bring fresh air to you and your workers.

How Enouvo can help?

Confidently being one of the first coworking spaces in Danang, Enouvo Space is proud to become an inspiring home for co-creative members in Vietnam. 

Enouvo Space provides a wide option of spaces to best suit your needs, from a dedicated desk and flexible desk for the individual to a private room for the team. We have got it all covered.

Especially, we also provide extra services like the gym room, co-play areas, or rooftop city views. We also ensure a high-security place with cameras and 24/7 guards. In addition, we even include co-living space and coworking café so you can perfectly enjoy working days! Let’s explore Enouvo Space!

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