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Enouvo Space 2 I The 2nd location of Enouvo Space is coming soon

On March 2017, the 1st Enouvo Space was officially launched, at that time the coworking model space is still a fairly young new concept in Da Nang. Being one of the first coworking space in this beautiful coastal city, Enouvo Space has been putting a lot of effort into turning the workplace to a space which is modern, friendly and a connected community.

And after 2 years, with the same vision, Enouvo Space 2 is on the final phase of the construction process and will be coming soon... If the 1st Enouvo Space founded with an aim to provide a working lifestyle “co and shared”, modern yet cozy, especially focused on digital nomads, freelances, remote workers…, the  Enouvo Space 2 is more than just a workplace but also a community of like-minded people with similar interests and values, enough “nurture” and support entrepreneurs & startups community which is growing strongly in Danang.

What’s new in Enouvo Space 2?

It’s still a “modern and cozy coworking space”, with a black-yellow design like the early days but … . bigger, more grandiose. Enouvo Space 2 is impressed by innovative interior design to create a place where people can work productively and promote creativity.


Well-designed space where you can collaborate and synergize with like-minded people.

With the creative layout of flexible spaces, Enouvo Space 2 will never make you feel bored to work at. By next choosing “wrap yourself” into a room or a fixed desk, the other members may choose seating on the balcony, a native and organic garden with outdoor seating or  “green corners” surrounded by greenery and immersed in natural light to enjoy the fresh air.






Beside Co-work Area, Enouvo Space includes more than 10 studios that provide you and your team a private space of your own within our co-working community. Going far beyond a desk and a chair to deliver the perfect office. Enouvo Space offers fully furnished private office suites to a different type of groups with direct fiber internet and WiFi.




We build social living communities for creative and innovative people to thrive together. Stay at our modern and urban styled room and get that perfect vibes to rest, work, and have fun. We will make sure that you will feel at home while working next door at our coworking space and meeting like-minded people to create real connections under one roof.



In addition, the event area equipped with a modern speaker and lighting system is probably the ideal venue for organizing and hosting workshops, tech talks or professional events.

Similar to Enouvo Space 1, Enouvo Space 2 still provides a wide range of membership packages and services with great amenities and facilities. Members can flexibly choose a desk that suits their unique needs and other additional services.  

A new emphasis at Enouvo Space 2 is the in-house coffee bar in the lobby. In lieu of popping to a cafe across the road, you can get yourself a good cup of coffee by heading to the coffee shop inside the building. Not only does this area provide a designated location for coworkers to fuel up throughout the day, but it also encourages to take a break to mingle with other employees who they may not see very often. Enouvo Space 2 also offers members a special discount to order coffee or other best drinks there.


Are you consider using a coworking space for your daily work or on occasion? Enouvo Space provides you a co-working environment with a fun and enjoyable co-connecting space to work, collaborate and meet like-minded people.

Come check us out!


All the best,

Enouvo Team

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