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Full Service Studio Space Rental in Da Nang at Enouvo Space

Investing in studio space goes beyond simply acquiring a well-organized workspace, it’s about investing in the professional reputation and brand of a business. Rented offices do play a significant role in enhancing a company’s overall image with various benefits. However, investing and owning an office will incur huge costs, causing many budget constraints, especially for startups. That’s why studio space rental is an optimal solution to effectively address the cost issue. If you’re hesitating between options, explore all the details about Enouvo Space’s full-service studio space rental in Da Nang – The first Co-working & Co-living ecosystem in Da Nang.

Studio space rental at Enouvo Space

Always office spaces available for rent, Enouvo Space provides various studio space rental options suited to different needs:

  • 11sqm space suitable for 5 people
  • 14sqm space suitable for 7 people
  • 0-30sqm space suitable for 8-15 people
  • 56sqm space suitable for 15-20 people
  • 70sqm space suitable for 25 people

Especially, Enouvo Space also provides a virtual office for rent service. This is a representative office rental to provide a full office address without needing actual space. The virtual office rental in Da Nang solution saves costs many times more than traditional offices.

Benefits of studio space rental at Enouvo Space

1. Prime location

  • Enouvo Space An Nhon 3: 16-18 An Nhon 3, Son Tra, Da Nang
studio space rental
Enouvo Space An Nhon

If you are looking for “private office for rent near me”, Enouvo Space will be a reputable office for you to consider! Located near Vincom Da Nang, the location is easy to reach or get into and accessible by car, convenient for frequent partner meetings.

At the same time, for your employees, this is also a prime location for comfortable ordering food thanks to being located near famous local eateries.

2. Modern amenities

As a furnished office for rent, you only need to bring your laptop as Enouvo Space provides everything needed for an effective workday, including:

  • Free parking with friendly security staff
  • Furniture, lighting, air conditioning, elevators, and office equipment are fully provided, modern, and regularly maintained
  • High-speed internet always monitored to prevent disruptions
  • Partitions between spaces, ensure a quiet and secure space
  • Reception support from 8 am to 7 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 5 pm on Saturdays
  • Free printing
  • Free drinks: water, tea bags, instant coffee, etc.

studio rental space

3. Youthful and creative design

A Forbes survey found an innovative workspace can boost productivity by at least 20%. Therefore, in addition to full amenities, Enouvo Space emphasizes spaces that nurture creativity with an open layout, greenery, natural light, and a signature yellow accentuating fresh, positive energy for ideas.

studio space rental

4. Save cost on office maintenance

Besides setup costs, full-service studio space rental saves businesses the cost of checking and repairing all office equipment regularly. You won’t need to worry about maintenance fees or hire security and reception staff – saving both time and money while providing employees with a great working environment.

5. Network within a youthful and dynamic business community

As the first Co-working & Co-living in Da Nang, Enouvo Space aims to foster meetings and connections for businesses and communities in Da Nang, especially in technology.

Renting a studio space here allows for fully immersing in this networking culture and exploring collaborative growth opportunities under one roof with fellow tech and innovation enthusiasts.

studio space rental

What is the studio space rental price at Enouvo Space?

Studio space rental prices in Da Nang are certainly a concern, especially amid economic fluctuations. Understanding this, Enouvo Space is always committed to accompanying businesses, especially startups, by offering the best prices to suit the needs of each business.

Enouvo Space believes that with reasonable prices and accompanying utilities and services, we will bring you a professional, efficient, and inspiring working environment.


What will you save when working at Enouvo Space?

  • Save a lot of money on setting up an office
  • Save the maintenance office fee
  • Save the budget for security
  • Save the fee for car parking
  • Save monthly electricity fee
  • Free water, tea, and coffee

Double the team’s productivity with:

  • The inspired workspace with green plant
  • Fully amenities space
  • High-speed wifi
  • Private, secure environment

Be the earliest to book our studio space rental and get the best cost-saving deal!

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