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Maximizing your networking potential in a shared workspace

A shared workspace is widely known as an effective networking environment, where there are plenty of opportunities to connect and build new relationships with other members. 

Anyone with entrepreneurial experience will tell you how important networking is, but it’s more than just a friendly nod or a smile when you pass by any coworker in the doorway. 

If you’re working in a shared workspace, don’t miss out on opportunities to create connections with other members. Let’s go through this article to get to know the definition of shared workspace and some tips to expand your network in this environment. 

1. Shared workspace’s definition

A shared workspace, or a co-work office space, is a workstation rented by remote workers, freelancers, and anyone who does not have a permanent office. Simply put, it offers a much larger workplace to many people in a similar way. 

However, this space goes beyond providing a workspace’s basic items such as desks or chairs. It usually includes meeting rooms, printers, coffee shops, and other amenities. It will even have dedicated areas that can be reserved for an entire team or company.

what is a shared workspace

2. How to network in a shared workspace?

2.1 Say hi and introduce yourself 

Say hi to your neighbors is the first simple way to express your politeness and let other coworkers remember you as a friendly person. This will also leave a good impression if you want to recommend your business to them or someone they know. 

Most interactions will happen naturally, so after greeting, take the chance to introduce yourself and be friendly to newcomers. This is the first step in building your shared workspace network. 

2.2. Be open to sharing daily stories

Strike up friendly and casual conversations with others around when you go about your day. Compared to traditional networking, a network in a shared workspace is often best done more casually. 

Think of starting a conversation with a coworker or someone in any area of the co-work office space. You can initiate something informal and fun before diving right into business networking. 

2.3. Have lunch or coffee in the community area

Coffee or lunchtime is when many people temporarily leave their working seats, making it an ideal chance to meet and talk with your neighbors. 

If your shared workspace has a common area, try to eat or take a break there, then encourage other coworkers to do the same. Small talk with someone across the table might develop into a successful collaboration.     

networking in shared workspace

2.4. Take Your Networking Online 

If you come across a company you’re interested in at the shared workspace, connect with them on LinkedIn or send them an introduction email. Though you already met each other through workspace sharing, it might be much easier and more convenient to meet online as some coworkers travel often or have unfixed work hours.  

And even if you meet someone for the first time at an event or over lunch, keeping in touch online is still recommended. Sharing contact information can make it easier to communicate and create more effective networking that goes beyond face-to-face conversations. 

2.5. Willing to share knowledge and experience

Always preserve collaboration and support in a shared workspace. If someone assists you with your work or problem,  offer them something helpful in return. For example, sharing your knowledge. This doesn’t mean that you should leak your trade secrets or provide any big ideas. It’s simply a small sharing that nurtures openness and connection among people for the good of all. Once they are aware of who you are and what you do, they will remember you. 

Moreover, if you do a small job for someone, you will not only reinforce your knowledge and experience but also get one step closer to those you help. Though this is just a small action, it may result in bigger achievements in the future.  

2.6. Invest in good business cards and promotional materials 

Why only give out your business cards to clients? The coworkers in a shared workspace are also your potential business relationships in the future. Invest in some impressive business cards and leave them in the communal areas. Make sure they clearly describe who you are and what your business is. This is an indirect but professional way to introduce yourself and keep your business in front of other coworkers’ eyes.  

Besides, a notebook or pen with your logo on it may serve as a reminder to other coworkers. It may help them reach out to you for collaboration or to refer your business to a client. Moreover, you’ll be helping the community because there’s always a need for office supplies in a shared workspace. 

2.7. Barter services 

Barter is another appreciated way to boost the network between businesses. This is when two businesses mutually benefit each other by exchanging services without cash changing hands. When you are offered something you need by other members, think about asking them to exchange their service for something your business can provide for them. In this way, you will not only expand your network but also benefit your business.

Shared workspaces are much more than just convenient places to work. They provide unlimited opportunities for collaboration, business expansion, and professional growth. So never hesitate to reach out and build up the network with others, because a new partnership or a business contract may derive from here.  

2.8. Attend or host events in your shared workspace

Most shared workspace offers social or business events where you are allowed to make connections with other coworkers or entrepreneurs. Making connections with others after work hours is like opening new doors of opportunities for your business. Since people are not under work pressure, they become more open and ready for broadening new relationships. 

Even if you miss any scheduled events, you can host your own such as launch parties, workshops, networking events, etc., and take advantage of this opportunity to further introduce your business. Always remember to bring your cards and try to attend or host as many events as possible. 

workspace sharing

How Enouvo Space can help?

Proud to be the first coworking space in Danang, Enouvo Space provides an open shared working environment for freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs to work, collaborate and meet like-minded people. We not only aim to provide a desirable co-working environment but also head towards creating a fun and enjoyable connecting space.

In addition, we usually hold networking events to benefit the community with useful sharings and activities as well as bring endless opportunities for business collaboration. If you’re looking for an ideal place to work and connect with other professionals, contact Enouvo Space now for an early booking.  

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