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Hunting Guide To Rent A Coworking Space Perfectly

With more coworking spaces opening up, it might be challenging to decide which one would best suit your needs. Here are some essential features you might want to consider to rent a coworking space to get your work done:

Rent A Coworking Space

Vibes or atmosphere

Imagine if you come to work in the morning and are greeted by a big smile and friendly voice when you first enter the door. Would this make a difference in starting your day? A pleasant atmosphere where it feels like home while at the same time making you feel comfortable and encouraged to be productive is an essential feature you should be looking for to rent a coworking space. Go for space where you can find a balance of optimized yet flexible work arrangements.


Community is the heartbeat of a coworking space and that’s what coworking space is all about. Coworking space will be just another “office space” without the feels of a vibrant community. Find a space where the community is nurtured and growing thus you can develop a strong connection and relationship. Be prepared to meet, engage, and collaborate with like-minded people with whom you can swap your brilliant ideas.


Location is another essential factor you would take into consideration to rent a coworking space. However, it is obvious that it really depends on whether you prefer a place just a few steps away from your door; a place in the heart of the city/business hub; or maybe somewhere quiet surrounded by greeneries. Our suggestion? Pick a space where it is convenient for you – easy to commute with useful surroundings (yes, we meant food place lol).


High-speed wifi, coffee corner, cozy communal area, nap rooms, fancy paintings or words of motivation hanging on the wall are some of those pretty-not-so-little-things that could bring a world of difference in the space. Also, not to forget about comfortable chairs and desks that will accompany you for the rest of your working days. Throw lots of questions on what the spaces provide before getting a seat to save yourself from any disappointment.

Rent A Coworking Space


As the number of coworking spaces is increasing, you would have a lot of options in terms of membership pricing. Whether you are just looking for a space to work or trying to establish professional connections, do a proper comparison together with the benefits offered to get a good deal that meets your needs. 

Last but not least, ask yourself this simple question – “Is this the place where I would be looking forward to coming to every day?”

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Enouvo Team.

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