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Office for rent from A-Z in Da Nang

Currently, there are many office for rent suppliers in Da Nang. Depending on the needs of use and the number of members, customers can choose the appropriate office for their team. At Enouvo Space, the types of offices for rent are designed flexibly, meeting most audiences’ demands, especially start-up groups.

 1. Various types of offices for rent

You can refer to the following offices:

1.1. Small personal office (11m2 – 20m2):

These offices are for small teams or individuals who are looking for a private space, with absolutely no interruptions from others. However, using a private office for just one person can be quite expensive, so you can use a shared office instead. Not completely private but still quiet enough for you to get work done.

1.2. Shared workspace:

This is a co-working office, you can choose a flexible or fixed seat (there is a locker to store things when buying a monthly package). Apart from having an inspirational space to get your work done, you will have many opportunities to expand your relationships and network. Especially being connected with like-minded people.

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coworking space in Danang

1.3. Private Studio:

Similar to the personal office, the private studio is quiet enough to work and can avoid distraction. Private studios at Enouvo Space have diverse sizes that can accommodate from 2-15 people per room with full amenities. This is the ideal place for startup and SME companies who want to minimize the cost of building their own office by using office for rent.

coworking space in Danang

1.4. Virtual office:

This type of office is suitable for small and medium businesses that need an address to legally build their business, save on office rental costs, and easily transact for business activities.

You aren’t sure about the virtual office? Read to have A-Z knowledge about the virtual office you should know.

1.5. Meeting room:

Suitable when you have short-term rental needs (2-3 hours, or 1 session) with your internal team or partners, clients. The price for renting a meeting room is quite cheap, which is only from 3$/hour.

1.6. Event office space (25 – 82m2):

Not only those working spaces, Enouvo Space also offers spacious and open spaces for event hosting from 10-80 people. Especially the top floor with a terrace area and an impressive view of the whole Danang city. These spaces are perfect for workshop, talkshow, networking and club meeting events.

Plus, you get an extra 30 minutes before and after the event with no charge for event preparation.

coworking space in Danang

2. Offering  full services

It can be said that the accompanying services are something that individuals and businesses are quite interested in when choosing an office for rent. Most of the office for rent in Da Nang meet the needs such as office equipments like high-speed Internet, fan, whiteboard, other necessary items (TV, AC, refrigerator, toilet, etc.)

coworking space in Danang

At Enouvo space, there are other services of office for rent including:

  • Front desk support: 8 AM – 7 PM on weekdays, 8 AM – 5 PM on Saturday
  • Event equipment: Free use of projectors. Provide setup tables and chairs due to the demands of customers. 
  • Printing, TV, projectors, screens for rent
  • Coffee and drinks at Enouvo Cafe on 1st floor of the building
  • 24/7 security and free weekly cleaning services

With convenient locations: 15 Ta My Duat and 16-18 An Nhon 3, Son Tra, Da Nang. When using the office at Enouvo Space, you will not have to spend time going too far from the city and still limit the traffic jams at the rush hour. In particular, the surrounding residential area is also completely quiet. With good security and ample parking space, Enouvo Space is an office worth renting in Da Nang.

Have you made your decision yet? If Enouvo Space is exactly what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach us at our fanpage for instant assistance!

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