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Enouvo Space | The perfect meeting room for rent for your next meetup

Meeting room for rent is one of the most optimal meetup solutions for startups and SMEs. This model allows businesses to conduct professional meetings with customers and partners with a low budget. So what’s so special about the hourly meeting room for rent and which unit provides a reputable meeting room for rent in Da Nang? Let’s find out more through the article below.

1. Meeting room for rent

Meeting room for rent is a model of providing a private meeting space to serve the needs of businesses. When using the meeting room for rent service, the tenant will have the right to use a professional meeting room with full equipment such as an LCD screen, walkie-talkie, projector, whiteboard, etc., and other necessary amenities.

Besides, many units offering meeting room for rent also provide additional utilities such as reception service, photocopying service, tea-break service, etc., to serve the various needs of customers. 

meeting room rental danang

2. What are the pros and cons of meeting room for rent service?

2.1. Advantages

Diverse capacity: Meeting room for rent service often provides spaces of various sizes and styles with a capacity ranging from 5 to 50 people, meeting the different needs of businesses. 

Cost savings: The average cost to rent a meeting room by the hour is currently 150,000/hour, which is much cheaper than operating a fixed office at the company.

Improve meeting efficiency: A meeting room for rent is often fully equipped with necessary amenities such as projectors, screens, televisions, paper, pens, etc. Thanks to that, the meeting process will be guaranteed and went more smoothly.

Increasing credibility for customers and partners:  Usually, a meeting room for rent is located in a central area in the big city. Therefore, when working with customers and partners in a professional meeting room with an easy-to-find location, businesses will leave a good impression and build trust for them.

2.2. Disadvantages

Risk of refund: When renting a meeting room, the tenant will sign a contract about the time and conditions of the rental. If you cancel the meeting or arrive late, no refund will be given. In case the meeting is over time, you will also be charged an additional fee.

Unable to meet urgent meetings: Usually, you have to book a meeting room a few days before the meeting takes place. But if you need to use the meeting room urgently, it will be difficult to book an appointment.

Take time to travel: Moving from the office to the meeting room rental and vice versa often takes a lot of time. If the weather is bad, it will be even more difficult to travel between the two locations.

3. Meeting room for rent service at Enouvo Space

Enouvo Space is one of the most professional units offering meeting room for rent in Da Nang. Here, you will be provided with meeting space solutions that are modern, fully equipped, and flexible for each demand.

3.1. Various sizes and rental packages

The meeting room rental service at Enouvo Space offers diverse meeting spaces with sizes ranging from 10m2 to 25m2, suitable for groups of 5-15 people. In addition to the closed meeting room, Enouvo Space also provides an open meeting space on the rooftop, where there are green trees, open air, and a view of the whole city from above. The rooftop space has an area of 73m2, divided into two parts: inside and outside, with a capacity of 15-35 people.

Besides the hourly meeting room rental service, Enouvo Space also offers daily and weekly rental packages for only from 500,000 VND/hour. If you have meetings that last during the day and during the week, consider choosing this packages to save more costs.

3.2. Various styles

Enouvo Space’s meeting rooms are designed to accommodate a variety of meetings nature. Whether it’s important meetings with partners, and customers or brainstorming sessions with the team, Enouvo Space can provide a corresponding space that is suitable for your needs and uses. With a modern, dynamic, youthful, and inspirational style, our space will surely help create a feeling of comfort and leave a good impression on the participants.

So why should you use Enouvo Space’s meeting room for rent service?

meeting room rental danang

3.3. Affordable rental price

With a rental price of only 80,000/hour, the meeting room for rent at Enouvo Space helps businesses solve financial problems while ensuring the required meeting standards. This cost includes the use of all facilities and services when renting a meeting room at Enouvo Space. Therefore, you will not have to pay any other fees but the rental one.

3.4. Fully-equipped amenities

In order to meet the increasing demand for meeting rooms, Enouvo Space is fully equipped with modern furniture and amenities, including projectors, flat-screen TVs, flipcharts, standard tables, chairs, necessary supplies, etc. Enouvo Space also has a fire protection system, a modern camera system, and a 24/7 security team to ensure the safety of tenants.

3.5. Flexible use

Enouvo Space meeting rooms can be customized for different uses, from presentations, consultations, and training sessions to group meetings. If the meeting lasts longer than the reserved time, Enouvo Space can also flexibly extend the rental hour in case the meeting room is still available for the next hour. In particular, Enouvo Space’s staff is always ready to assist with any issues when necessary.

3.6. Attractive extra services

Apart from serving the available facilities in the rental package, Enouvo Space also offers attractive extra services such as:

  • Free use of electricity, wifi, parking space
  • Free water, tea, and coffee 
  • Free setup of tables and chairs upon request

3.7. An environment that promotes connection

Not only providing a convenient and modern meeting room for rent service, Enouvo Space also brings about an inspirational hub for the co-creative and business community in Da Nang. With the integration of a co-working cafe, coworking space, and a private office system for rent, we offer you more opportunities to connect and expand networking with like-minded people, potential customers, or partners.

meeting room to rent at Danang

If you are looking for a professional meeting room for rent in Da Nang, Enouvo Space is a trustful choice for meeting sessions with teams, customers, and partners. Contact Enouvo Space to book a room today!


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