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What is hybrid working? Why is it becoming the popular trend?

Hybrid working is a working model that has been widely applied during the Covid-19 pandemic. Until now, this model has remained popular in the new normal. So what makes hybrid working so special? This article will explain the definition, popular models, and benefits of hybrid working in detail.

1. What is hybrid working? 

Hybrid working is a combined working model that allows employees to flexibly choose to work in the office or work remotely. This hybrid working model is gradually becoming a hot trend that has been applied by many large enterprises such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. 

Depending on the nature and needs of the job, the business designates a number of departments to work at home or in the office. On the other hand, there is also a department that can alternately apply both forms based on a certain schedule. 

In particular, if the typical working model required employees to work 8 hours a day in a fixed time frame, hybrid working allows employees to flexibly choose the time frame in which they feel most productive. This not only helps employees be more flexible in terms of space and time but also helps businesses optimize performance.

2. Benefits of hybrid working 

2.1. For individuals

Save travel time & expenses

In big cities, the number of people pouring into the street during rush hours is too large, causing traffic jams for hours. Being stuck on the road for a long time not only costs fuel expenses but also increases stress, affecting the morale and work performance of employees. The hybrid working model not only solves the above problems but also helps employees avoid unnecessary traffic issues. 

Ensure work-life balance 

Working at the office for a long time makes it difficult to balance work and life. Hybrid working can improve this problem significantly. With this flexible work model, employees can proactively arrange a schedule that suits them most. That way, they can completely get work done while still taking care of their family, taking a break, or doing any other activities.

hybrid working trend

Reduce exposure to disease

The majority of employees pay a lot of concern to their health, including infectious diseases that are dangerous for big companies. The fewer people in the workspace, the lower the risk of infecting others. The application of the hybrid working model not only reduces employee density but also enables slightly sick employees to work remotely.

Working in the most productive hours

Each person has a different time frame that makes them feel most productive. Therefore, the hybrid working model allows employees to choose the working time to help them maximize their capacity. With the same amount of work, but if done in the right space and time, the work efficiency will be higher.

2.2. For Businesses

Saving operating costs

Not only a convenient way for employees, but hybrid working also helps businesses save a lot of costs. By allowing employees to choose flexible working forms, businesses can save on electricity and water costs, office rental fees, equipment purchases, etc., while still ensuring the efficiency of employees.

According to global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, the application of hybrid working has helped them reduce operating costs by up to 30%. With that savings, they can use for reinvesting and building satellite offices, giving employees more workspace options.

Recruiting talent everywhere

The hybrid working model helps businesses recruit high-quality workers without being limited by geographical distance.

Thanks to the flexibility of hybrid working, businesses can recruit talents from all over the world. Access to the unlimited labor market means businesses can find more suitable and specialized employees. This will help improve competitive advantage when entering new markets and ensure productivity for businesses.

Support to enhance brand awareness

A comfortable and free working environment is a prominent feature of a business. This helps the recruitment posts of that business to be more attractive to potential candidates.

3. Popular hybrid working models 

3.1. Flexible hybrid work

This hybrid working model allows employees to choose where and when they want to work based on their daily priorities. The pros and cons of this form include:


  • Employees can determine the most convenient place and time of day to work.
  • Increase job satisfaction and employee loyalty toward the company
  • Help business access potential candidates and diverse labor sources.
  • Save costs for office operation and staff travel expenses


  • Teamwork is more difficult since each person works at a different time
  • Controlling the number of employees going to the office every day is challenging

3.2. Fixed hybrid work

hybrid working model

This hybrid working model allows employees to choose fixed working hours each day to work remotely or in the office. For example, some groups will go to the office on Mondays and Tuesdays, while others will come on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This form has the following pros and cons:


  • Help group employees and increase teamwork performance 
  • Employees can still choose the suitable working time according to the fixed options of the business
  • Make it easier to control employee productivity


  • Personal choice is still limited
  • Unable to reduce the cost of office space

3.3 Office-first hybrid work

This is the hybrid working model that is going to be applied by Google. In this model, employees are required to be present at the office more often but can flexibly choose any few days of the week to work remotely.


  • Employees work more flexibly and improve their personal productivity.
  • Maintain company culture while still ensuring work performance.


  • Management turns out more challenging if employees do remote work many days a week.  
  • Maintaining a culture of community in the company is harder.
  • Communication between employees is less productive due to the lack of face-to-face interaction.

3.4. Remote-first hybrid work 

With this form of hybrid working, employees can spend most of their time working remotely. They are allowed to work without going to the office regularly. Applied by Twitter and many other companies, this model has the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Employees can work anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection and communication devices.
  • Increase flexibility and reduce pressure on going to the office every day.
  • Cost savings for businesses, including some costs like office rent, meals, equipment, etc.
  • Employees actively manage their time and work in a more relaxed environment. This also helps to improve employee work-life balance.


    • Requires better management as employees work in different locations.
    • More challenges in communication since information is not always fully and timely shared with remote workers.
    • Team building is more difficult.

Overall, hybrid working enhances work flexibility and productivity, reduces costs, and helps maintain employees’ work-life balance. If it’s applied correctly and with strict management, hybrid working will bring a lot of benefits to businesses and employees. 

However, hybrid working never limits itself to working in the office or at home. The form of working in a coworking space is also an option that can reconcile the above forms and brings new inspiration to employees.

How Enouvo Space can help?

hybrid working

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