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[HOT] Events in Da Nang about Marketing, IT, Design in April

“The more we learn, the more we earn”. To connect the growing community of talented young people in Da Nang and meet your needs to participate in sharing sessions, Enouvo Space has organized a series of events in Da Nang in April with the HOTTEST topics about the most concerned specific careers today. Let’s find out what our series of events, “Coffee Talk”, is all about!

  • Currently, Enouvo Space is building a series of events in Da Nang called “Coffee talk” with the support of Enouvo Cafe in the same building.
  • Each month we will organize 2-3 activities, sharing sessions or workshops on different topics and industries.
  • The cost is only from 0 VND to the amount to buy a cup of coffee! Not only that, but attendees also have the opportunity to meet and get to know the super experienced Speakers or with like-minded people in the Da Nang market.

Let’s take a look at the events taking place with Enouvo Space this April!

1. Brand Idea – Create a difference for the brand

events in da nang

“If you can’t find a blue ocean, find a blue path on a red ocean.”

The series’s opening is an event for young people interested in Marketing in Da Nang.

This event was organized by UAN – the most dynamic Marketing and Communication Community in Vietnam.

events in da nang

Held at the rooftop of Enouvo Space, the “Coffee Talk” session was very successful with the Host – Ms. Dung Nguyen – currently the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of ENOUVO Group, and the enthusiastic interaction of the participants. 

events in da nang

The event space is arranged and organized like a rooftop cafe, which allows attendees to comfortably communicate with each other, freely share their points of view, and connect with the Host better.

events in da nang

The event’s audience is not only students or marketers who are struggling to have the correct view of branding strategies, but we also have the opportunity to meet with business owners – especially start-up businesses that want to find a difference for their brand in the market.

2. Design career story

Next was another fascinating “Coffee talk” held at Enouvo Space with the topic “Design Career.”

events in da nang

In this session, young people working in design in general and UX/UI or Graphic, in particular, had the opportunity to connect and answer each other’s questions with the spirit of learning and sharing, whether you have many years of experience or a newbie.

events in da nang

With the support and guidance of young Designers from Enosta Agency, the Coffee Talk held on the weekend morning went well with sharing experiences, confiding, and giving suggestions on the Design career path.

events in da nang

We hope you have gained more practical knowledge from each other’s experiences and expanded the network of the Designer community in Da Nang.

3. Code story – A can’t-be-missed event in Da Nang for IT students

Closing the series of Coffee Talks events in April is the talkshow “Code Story” primarily held for IT students with the Host is Mr. Trinh Nguyen – Project Manager at ENOUVO Group.

events in da nang

With many years of practical experience in the IT industry, Mr Trinh Nguyen will help students have a more realistic view of this job when they start the new journey after school. 

events in da nang

events in da nang

Moreover, this is also a good opportunity for the IT students to seek advice from their predecessors and be able to orient their goals and development path in the future.

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