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Discover Enouvo Space’s professional event spaces in Da Nang

Located just a few minutes away from the city center and My Khe beach, Enouvo Space is one of the most ideal event spaces in Danang for the co-creative & business community. With modern equipment and a capacity of up to 150 people, Enouvo Space is suitable for many events with different purposes. From meetings, presentations to short training courses, this place offers various event venues to fit your demand. Let’s explore the highlights of the event spaces at Enouvo Space through the article below!

Why is Enouvo Space a great choice for event spaces?

Professional & diverse event spaces

With a variety of meetup spaces varying from 30m2 to 73m2, Enouvo Space will surely meet all types of events including workshops, talk shows, presentations, partner/client meetings, training, networking events, etc.

Especially, the rooftop space overlooking the whole city of Da Nang is undoubtedly an inspiring hub for everyone. Holding an event on this breathtaking view is one of the most perfect ways to enjoy unforgettable experiences, isn’t it?

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Full amenities for organizing the event

Enouvo Space always tries to build youthful and modern event spaces that are perfect for connecting young businesses and the talented community. To ensure all the events go well, Enouvo Space equipped itself with all up-to-date and necessary amenities. You can use all the available tools such as a projector, speaker, mic, etc when renting an event place at Enouvo Space.

Especially, renting even venues at Enouvo Space will help you save a lot of budgets since most of the amenities will be offered for free. In addition, the event spaces for rent at Enouvo Space Ngo Quyen are equipped with a big LED screen, which is very suitable for holding workshops, meetups, or important business events.

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Customized space setup on request

Coming to Enouvo Space, you are not only provided with full amenities but also allowed to arrange tables and chairs that fit the nature of each event. Enouvo Space always offers careful attention to every little detail as well as provides the needed help to save human resources and prepare for successful events.

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Connect with the professional community in Da Nang

As an inspiring home for the co-creative community in Da Nang, Enouvo Space is always an attractive destination for foreign friends when coming to travel and work here.

At Enouvo Space, you will be able to work together, live together, and learn from different cultures around the world.

Moreover, this is also an ideal place for like-minded people to closely connect, share knowledge and experiences through helpful activities such as #EnouvoTGIS, sharing, workshops, coffee talk, etc.

When you choose Enouvo Space as your event venue, you will take more opportunities to learn, collaborate and create potential relationships for you and your business.

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Professional & supportive staff for the event

Finally, do not worry too much if there are any problems during the time the event takes place. Enouvo Space’s support staff is always ready to assist you timely in order to make the event as successful as possible. What’s more, Enouvo Space has strong support from a professional in-house IT team who can help you handle technical issues in event spaces.

Let Enouvo Space help you!

As one of the most innovative and modern event venues in Da Nang, Enouvo Space proudly provides you the open, fully-equipped, and flexible event spaces for professional meetups. More than providing spaces for rent, Enouvo Space desires to become a happy, collaborative, and inspiring ecosystem for co-creative members, where we can accompany you to create more truly successful networking events.

Are you are looking for professional event spaces for rent in Da Nang? Let Enouvo Space help you!

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