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Enouvo Space start new month with attending at Surf Day 2019

What is special in November? Enouvo Space kicked a new month off with taking part in SURF 2019, which is Danang Startup and Innovation Festival. This is the biggest unique start-up event of the year in Danang and the Central of Vietnam. 

Attending to SURF 2019, Enouvo Space officially introduced that Enouvo Space 2 is the first co-working, co-living ecosystem in Danang and launching our new product – SMARTOS.

Inspired Halloween atmosphere, Enouvo’s booth was decorated by full-of spooky ornament such as pumpkins, the model of ghosts, bats and spiders, which made it unique and different from other ones. We honored to attract many people to visit our booth and get more helpful information.

In addition, Enouvo Space 2 located in 16-18 An Nhon 3, An Hai Bac Ward, Hai Chau District, Danang City, which is knowing about the new home for co-creative members. It is thoughtfully designed by combining important pillar in promoting a work-life balance through a productive yet enjoyable space as well as a thriving, collaborative community. There are 8 floors with many functions includes co-working space, co-living, co-break, co-play area. 

Specifically, Co-working space is on the 2nd floor with inspired decoration focused on yellow, black and white. Enouvo Co-working takes advantage of the natural lit and green plant to bring a comfortable home for digital nomads, freelancers and expats.

Moreover, our flexible co-working options are designed to suit your needs, such as the dedicated desk or flexible desk. It is very convenient to choose a working corner to depend on your current “mood”, kick your brain off and create more and more ideal ideas than working in a box.

And Enouvo Space 2 offers an open working environment to encourage the discussion, connection to the community of innovation and collaborate, which gathers the smart people experienced in a variety of different fields around the world. Our big table, cushion chair and quite a space not only gain you the most comfortable as home but also give you a chance to expand your relation and expertise up-to-date.

 Apart from that, co-working at Enouvo Space 2 is equipped with modern amenities and facilities. We also fill up instant coffee and tea bag there to use when you need to concern about your job or stand your mind up.

The second function we want to mention is co-living services. Enouvo Space 2 owns four apartments and four dorms. Each dorm includes 4 to 6 beds per room. They are fulfilled-equipment, modern facilities and amenities such as stove, television, air conditioner, bridge, fan, closet, the curtain. Living in this room, perhaps nothing is more wonderful than lying lazily on a big soft bed or immerse into hot water from the shower after the hustle day.

In addition, our apartments have an interesting working corner with a stunning view from the window. You not only do all tasks but only read a favorite book or write some sense of feelings in a day to your log in free time.

Besides that, dorms and apartments include cooking amenities such as stove, knife, bowl, chopsticks, scissors to help you to have nourish and delicious meals by yourself. It is perfect for having a homemade dinner with your family and friend at the weekend.

Furthermore, Enouvo Space 2 is also co-worker for start-up and entrepreneurs. Enouvo Space 2 provide studios for them to establish their business in Danang. We offer services such as setting office, high-speed wifi, printing, photocopying, scanning services and conference room to afford the flexible requirement of start-up and entrepreneurs.

Not only had chances to work at a good working environment, Enouvo Space 2 companion and share risks with them to run their business, cut down a lot of officer costs such as maintenance fee, setting up. Enouvo Space 2 make sure that we are the best choice for start-up and entrepreneurs in Danang.

Beyond providing accommodation for working and living, Enouvo Space 2 includes co-break area with gym services and Enouvo Café. It opens officially in October ago, not only bring organic and delicious drinks, coffee but also a place to gather, chatting, or change to different working spaces. Enouvo Café maybe a gas station for anyone after a tiring day or bustle time. 

What’s more, Enouvo Space understands that socializing with co-workers is essential for expats, freelancers and digital nomads, so we hold many activities with a variety of topics from sharing knowledge to Potluck gathering and enjoying homemade dishes. There are many opportunities to make the acquaintance of like-minded people, expand your relationships and build a closet creative community as our aim. 

Especially at Surf Day 2019, Enouvo Space 2 also recommended a new platform to manage the working process and booking – SMARTOS. Enouvo Space 2 is officially the first co-working space managed by a flatform. SMARTOS includes booking calendar, export report, check-in, or checks out member and expense management. Specifically, we don’t miss some below key features:

  • Booking calendar: Visually see which resources are booked at what times by checking the booking calendar.
  • Member management: Manage members easily and allow the records of extra information, generating monthly member reports.
  • Reports: Get real-time reporting about payments, space usage, bookings, etc.
  • Check-in, check-out member: Allow staff to easily check-in/check-out members to know quickly who is currently in the coworking space.
  • Income management: Allow staff/admin users to manage income from bookings, other service fees, or manage expenses easier.
  • Invoice or billing: Automatically generate invoices for members upon requests. Also easy to keep track of invoices in the system.

coworking space managementThank SURF 2019 to help Enouvo Space have the chance to meet partners, entrepreneurs; take part in the wholesome conference and recommend Enouvo Space 2 as well as SMARTOS to potential customers. 

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