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Top 4 Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Vietnam

The best places for digital nomads to live are those with lots of sightseeing, friendly people, and low living costs. And Vietnam is becoming one of the best places to stay, co-work, and meet like-minded business people. Here are the top four digital nomad destinations in this country. Keep on reading to discover!

1. Danang – One of the “must-see” digital nomad destinations in Viet Nam

Firstly, Da Nang is Vietnam’s third-largest city and is home to a population of over 1.3 million. It has recently been voted the most livable city in Vietnam and is shockingly clean and organized. The best part is that it has all three features people often look for: mountains, beaches, and urbanization.

best place for digital nomads
Danang At Night Source: Danang Fantasticity

This city is famous for many landscapes attracting tourists to explore. The Golden Bridge, Son Tra Mountain, Ba Na Hill, Linh Ung Pagoda have become fantastic destinations. Especially, Danang owns one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

What a pity if having never contemplated the twilight or dawn on the beach. Walking along the coast or playing volleyball and immersing yourself in the freshwater seem to be the habit of the locals and tourists.

digital nomad destinations
Sunset at My Khe beach. Source: Danang Fantasticity

In addition, Danang is famous as the city of bridges. There are many unique bridges such as Dragon Bridge, Han Bridge or Golden Bridge. All of these places make this city become one of the best digital nomad destinations in Vietnam.

Let’s explore Son Tra Mountain! It’s awesome to revel in the breathtaking wildly landscape. Moreover, stand at the top of Son Tra, the city panorama of Danang City is in your eyes. 

digital nomad destinations
Source: Phạm Phùng

1.1. Workplace for digital nomads in Da Nang

coworking for digital nomads in Da Nang
Enouvo Coworking space

This city also offers many accommodations for living and working. Dorms, apartments, studios in the heart of the city, or near the beach with reasonable prices make you many choices for living long term. And it is easy to find a co-working with cozy space and fulfilled equipment such as Enouvo Space, DNC, Tiktak, and so on. Besides, there’re tons of accommodations designed in various styles to choose from.

digital nomad destinations
Creative design at Enouvo Space

1.2. Local food in Da Nang

The local foods in Danang are very cheap and tasty, especially the seafood. Danang Cuisine combines the Northern and Southern food styles, which are delicious and varied. Perhaps ex-pats seem to be lost in the paradise of cuisine full of tasty dishes such as Con Market, Pham Hong Thai Food Court, Huynh Thuc Khang Breakfast Center.

digital nomad destinations
Source: trungbuii

It is easy to fill your hungry stomach with street food or specialties at a low price. And you can renew your taste with Thais Foods, Indian Meals or Korean dishes. Don’t forget to taste the fresh seafood cooker deliciously. Are you feeling hungry? 

digital nomad destinations
Source: Foody

1.3. Fun Activities in Da Nang city

 Danang International Fireworks Festival is held in April and May every two years with the participation of 7 foreign teams, such as France, China, Italy, Russia,… Each performance is the culmination of a great deal of labor done with sounds and fireworks. These colorful fireworks displays are indeed works of art. And this is a great time to experience this beautiful city.

digital nomad destinations
Danang at night – One of the best cities for digital nomads. Source: Danangtrongtoi

Additionally, the best way to enjoy the pace of life is by sipping a deep coffee and contemplating the peaceful street, the poetic Han river, or yellow leaves turning down slightly or from the coffee shop after the hustle day. All of them to make Danang knowing the best place for digital nomads

Moreover, Asia Park is a large amusement and cultural facility that is a fantastic place for digital nomads. The park comprises three zones: an Amusement Park, a Cultural Park and a Central Zone. You can also enjoy rides, shows and other adventure activities here.

Digital Nomad Destination

2. Hanoi

digital nomad destinations
Hoan Kiem Lake in Ha Noi. Source: Shutterstock

The next city we mention is Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam. Ranked as one of the world’s destinations, Hanoi attracts many travelers and digital nomads worldwide. Especially, this city has over 1000 years of culture.

Until now, Hanoi has saves the traditional culture which makes visitors feel interesting and memorable. Hanoi provides a comfortable working setting with the necessary amenities at a reasonable price.

The plenty of coworking space, renting offices, shopping, dining option, parks adapt to some different living and working requirements of the digital nomad, expats and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, it is convenient to travel from one place to another.


digital nomad destinationsMoreover, the cuisine in Hanoi is also worthy of a food adventure. There are many specialties such as Turmeric fish will dill, ‘Pho”, Glass noodles with deep-fried Eel, Rice Vermicelli with chicken, egg, and pork. The rice noodle with fried tofu and special sauce.

digital nomad destinations

Besides that, Hanoi owns many coffee shops with a variety of styles from ancient to modern and many delicious drinks such as egg coffee, salty coffee. All of these features make Hanoi be one of the best places to live in Vietnam.

3. Ho Chi Minh City – Exciting digital nomad destinations in Viet Nam

Next, Ho Chi Minh City is considered to be the most vibrant city in Vietnam and is home to eight million people who come across in the daily hustle and bustle. It is an open city where everybody who comes here finds it easy to get acquainted with the lifestyle.

It has 12 districts with impressive residential areas, plenty of dining, drinking options, parks and other necessary things for expats such as public transport, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and banks. Also, Ho Chi Minh offers many big co-working and co-living, such as Toong, Dreamplex Co-working, etc. to adapt to the expat’s requirement of working living.

digital nomad destinations
Source: i_love_leica_colors

It gathers an enormous popular immigrated to different cities and provinces; so there are plenty of job opportunities and a large expats community that you can get familiar with them. By the way, Ho Chi Minh also is called an “unsleeping place” with the hectic pace of life during the day.

Especially, the food in Ho Chi Minh City is extremely diversified and affordable. Perhaps the cuisines from 3 regions in Vietnam converge at there from street food to high-standard meals. As a result, this is the place for creative cuisine trends in Vietnam.

Furthermore, it is famous on Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street includes many features such as book street, garden, street food area, public square, entertainment space. This destination is where the locals gather and join many fantastic activities like Street Art, Skateboard, walking around or chatting with their friends. Have you ever gone there?

digital nomad destinations

digital nomad destinations
Source: Foody

4. Hoi An – A ancient destination for digital nomads 

Finally, Hoi An is a good option for expats and digital nomads to visit, live, and work. Let’s picture yourself in the verdant countryside, sitting in the patio of a beautiful newly-built Vietnamese house by the river and some pet water buffalo grazing around.

digital nomad destinations
Source: letgovietnam

Until now, the ancient town of Hoi An has still preserved the intact status of a complex of ancient architectural relics, including many houses, condominiums, pagodas, temples, bridges, churches, ports, markets, and narrow lanes running horizontally.

In addition, Hoi An is a cultural hub in Vietnam be suitable for tourists, expats, digital nomads to learn Vietnamese traditions. The daily life of the residents with the customs, beliefs, local activities, folk art, cultural festivals, natural scenery, and villages make Hoi An an attractive harbor for foreigners.

Moreover, there’re tons of special food which create many unforgettable tastes for anyone who has ever enjoyed them.

digital nomad destinations
Source: hoian_old_town

In short, these cities are well-known as digital nomad destinations with affordable place to live and work. Living here can give you some engaging experiences from many waypoints. Let’s start your journey at this place soon.

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