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7 Must-know Points To Choose A Good Coworking Space In Danang

Coworking space is a vital thing that most digital nomads concern about when approaching a new destination. As their life and work are regularly on the move, searching for a suitable one might be a complicated deal, especially those hotspot ones with numerous options like Danang. Thus, Enouvo Space figures out the 7 most essential elements you should consider before deciding to work at a coworking space in Danang that fits your work nature.

coworking space in Danang

1. Internet Speed

Above all, that must be a coworking space with high-speed internet. Since their work is on digital platforms, a digital nomad need is a fast and stable internet connection to maintain their workflow. What if you’re in an important meeting with your potential client and get interrupted by the internet? That’s frustrating. Therefore, we recommend installing a Speedtest App to check the internet before deciding to work in a coworking space for the long-term.

coworking space in Danang

2. Good Facilities

If the internet speed is a must for your workflow, a coworking space with good facilities helps to ensure your physical condition to prolong your working time. Find a coworking space in Danang that can offer your basic needs such as office desk, firm chair, AC available, sound soundproofing system to focus on work, etc. Desiring high-effective performance? Comfort first!

coworking space in Danang

3. Location

Location is also an essential factor that digital nomads should consider when searching for a new land coworking space. It’s based on your preferences, whether it should be in a vibrant centre area or quiet residential location, near food stores/restaurants or entertainment spots, etc. In Danang, there are famous nomads areas like An Thuong, My An, or An Nhon, where you can find it easy to meet the community and make friends with a suitable standard of living. For us, we advise you to choose the one which is convenient for you to get to work at your accommodation.

coworking space in Danang

4. Working Hour

The time zone is usually different from the digital nomads, incredibly remote workers since it depends on each other’s clients and company. As a result, they’re generally in need of a coworking space open till late at night or even 24/7. Most of the coworking spaces in Danang are currently open a little out of office hours; only some are until 10 PM. In this case, you can consider if there is a benefit for the long-term membership or the ecosystem which offers accommodation and workspace at the same time. These kinds of models, in general, give the in-house members free access to the coworking space for 24/7 use. However, it’s still not widespread in Danang.

coworking space in Danang

5. Included Services

One more thing that helps you quickly compare among the coworking spaces and choose the right one is their included services. Those can be free wifi, electricity using or locker, phone booth, meeting room, etc. Remember, the more questions you ask in detail, the more benefits you can get and the less not-as-expected you might face in the future. We suggest that you should try the Daily or Hourly (if any) package to experience before registering permanently.

coworking space in Danang

6. Natural Light

Have you ever heard that natural light boosts productivity and makes the workers happier? Yes, it is. Working in a coworking space filled with natural light will bring you an optimistic and enthusiastic feeling you would love to work. Besides, loading the natural light into our body gives us nutritious vitamins, making us healthier. And don’t forget that it can also help release the not-turned-out ideas in us and lead us to the good ones!

coworking space in Danang7. Community

coworking space in Danang

Last but not least, the community is a not-to-be-missed point in your journey of looking for an ideal coworking space in Danang. Exploring – Working – Experiencing a digital nomad’s life is interesting because they have a chance to travel and meet, make friends, and collaborate with like-minded people at the same time. Therefore, working at the one with the vibrant community where you can easily connect with people through its networking events/activities such as Happy Hour, TGIF, etc., is a significant advantage. Whatever it is, make sure to choose the one that you feel its vibe, its people, and its community motivates and inspires you to come to work every day as a second home. “I’ve got a theory: If you love your workspace, you’ll love your work a little more.” – Cynthia Rowley.

What Enouvo can help?

Proudly to be one of the pioneers in Danang’s coworking space model, Enouvo Space has been aiming to become an inspired home for the digital nomads’ community here who come to co-work, co-live and co-play.

With the experience of operating the coworking space for nearly 5 years up to now, Enouvo Space confidently fit your standards for a high-quality space to help you accomplish your work by our helpful in-house IT teams, our modern amenities (with coliving space in the same building) and our energetic community. Let’s come and join us because we’re waiting to satisfy you!

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