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Conference room in Danang: Classification and tips when renting

A conference room is an important venue that contributes to the success of events such as conferences, seminars, trade fairs, and exhibitions. Therefore, choosing the right conference room is essential. However, there are many conference rooms in Da Nang with different prices, amenities, and services, making the selection process more difficult. To choose the right conference room for your upcoming event, let’s take note of 8 important tips for choosing, as well as a list of reputable Da Nang conference rooms classified by size through the article below!

8 Tips for choosing the right conference room in Da Nang

1. Determine your needs

Before you start looking for a conference room, you need to clearly define your needs. How many seats do you need? What amenities do you need? Do you need any additional services such as catering, audio-visual, conference equipment, etc.? Defining your needs clearly will help you narrow down your search and choose a more suitable conference room.

2. Find out about the location

The location of the conference room is also an important factor to consider. You should choose a conference room that is located in a convenient location that is easy for attendees to travel like near hotels, train stations, airports, etc.

3. Compare prices

Price is an important factor to consider when choosing a conference room. However, you should also keep in mind that price is not the only factor that determines the quality of a conference room. Compare the prices of different conference rooms, and consider other factors such as amenities, services, location, etc., to make the best choice.

4. Check the quality of a conference room in Da Nang

Most conference rooms in Da Nang will have amenities to meet the basic needs of conferences and seminars such as: Stage Sound & Lighting system Air conditioning Projector and screen Wireless microphones Speaking podium Floral decorations Flipchart Signage Papers Water Tea break

Before booking, you should take the time to check the actual quality of the conference room and accompanying services to ensure all equipment is functioning well and meets your event needs. Pay attention to factors:

  • Room size: The room should be the right size for your event. If you’re expecting a large crowd, you’ll need a larger room.
  • Seating: The chairs should be comfortable and of good quality.
  • Facilities: Make sure all of the amenities you need are working properly. This includes the sound system, lighting system, projector, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and more.
  • Other amenities: Consider the other amenities that are important to you, such as parking and security.

5. Get recommendations from others

If possible, you should get recommendations from people who have previously organized events in different conference rooms.

They can provide you with valuable information about the quality of the conference rooms, services, prices, and even the work style of staff to help you make the most suitable choice for your event.

6. Book early

The demand for events in Da Nang is increasing. Therefore, you should book conference rooms early to ensure that you get a room that meets your needs, especially for large events. Typically, you can book 2-3 weeks in advance for small conferences and 1 month in advance for large conferences.

7. Sign a clear contract

Before booking, you need to sign a clear contract with the rental company. The contract should include important information such as Event name, Date and time of the event, Number of seats, Amenities, Facilities, Price, and Compensation terms.

8. Monitor the event closely

During the event, you should monitor it closely to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Contact the rental company if any problems arise.

Prestigious Conference Rooms in Da Nang Classified by Size

If you have already mastered the things to keep in mind when renting a conference room in Da Nang, let’s now explore the high-class, prestigious venues that ensure perfect quality for your event!

Conference Rooms in Da Nang for Under 100 People

1. Enouvo Space

Enouvo Space is the first name that appears on the list of prestigious conference rooms in Da Nang. Located in the city center, with a modern and dynamic design, Enouvo Space is a trusted destination for the technology and creative communities in Da Nang to gather and create values together.

In 2023, Enouvo Space partnered with nearly 100 organizations and communities to create diverse events from conferences, seminars, trainings, meetups, exhibitions, networking, etc. In particular, Enouvo Space was also the venue for the Vietnam – Australia Business Networking 2023 as part of the series of events commemorating the 50th anniversary of Vietnam – Australia diplomatic relations.

Capacity & Layout (unit: person)

  • Theater: 80 persons
  • Classroom: 50-60 persons
  • U Shape: 30-40 persons
conference room
Conference room at Enouvo Space
conference room
Event at Enouvo Space

2. Avatar Da Nang

As a 4-star hotel, the quality of conference rooms at AVATAR is also emphasized to become an ideal venue for conferences, seminars, and contract signings in Da Nang. The conference rooms at AVATAR are equipped with modern facilities that meet the most demanding needs for international conferences and seminars. Especially, it has an environmentally friendly air conditioning system that helps keep the temperature in each conference room always balanced.

If you want to rent a conference room in Da Nang, AVATAR will satisfy you with professionalism, meticulousness, and thoughtfulness.

Capacity & Layout (unit: person)

MOSHA HALL (250m2)

  • Theater: 200 persons
  • Classroom: 120 persons
  • U Shape: 80 persons
  • Double U: 120 persons
Conference room at Avatar Danang
Conference room at Avatar Danang

3. Vip203 – Muong Thanh Luxury Da Nang

Meeting the 5-star standard, Muong Thanh Luxury Da Nang has become a reputable conference room in Da Nang chosen by many companies and organizations. With a prime location in the city center, finding and moving to Muong Thanh Luxury Da Nang will be easy for participants.

In addition to Thuy Son and Moc Son conference rooms for large-scale events with a capacity of up to 600 people, Muong Thanh Luxury Da Nang still has Vip203 conference room for small, private events, suitable for under 100 people.

With quality service and a long-standing reputation, Muong Thanh Luxury Da Nang will be a conference room in Da Nang worth considering!

Capacity & Layout (unit: person)

  • Theater: 100 persons
  • Classroom: 80 persons
  • U Shape: 30 persons
Conference room at Mường Thanh Luxury Danang
Conference room at Mường Thanh Luxury Danang

Conference Rooms in Da Nang for 100-500 People

1. Nhu Minh Plaza Danang Hotel

Located between Da Nang International Airport and the beautiful My Khe beach, Nhu Minh Plaza Da Nang is a venue you can’t miss if you want to rent a quality conference room in Da Nang. The luxurious wood-paneled and sophisticated lighting system will contribute to the high-classness of your conferences and seminars.

Especially, Nhu Minh Plaza has unique equipment such as ceiling speakers and microphones using the latest technology. This not only helps event organizers save costs on rented equipment but also ensures an excellent experience for attendees.

Capacity & Layout (unit: person)

  • Theater: 300 persons
  • Classroom: 80 persons
  • U Shape: 40 persons
  • Double U: 80 persons
Conference room at Nhu Minh Plaza Danang
Conference room at Nhu Minh Plaza Danang

2. Novotel Danang Premier Han River

Located in the city center next to the charming Han River, Novotel has become a premier venue for businessmen visiting this livable city. As a 5-star hotel, its conference rooms offer luxurious, international-standard services, creating impressive experiences for attendees.

In addition to opulent interiors and facilities, the professional staff trained will support you wholeheartedly making your conferences or seminars a resounding success.

Capacity & Layout (unit: person)

THỦY SƠN 1 ROOM (233m2) và THỦY SƠN 2 ROOM (242m2)

  • Theater: 300 persons
  • Classroom: 140 persons
  • U Shape: 90 persons

Conference Rooms in Da Nang for over 500 People

1. Furama Da Nang Resort

The conference rooms at Furama Da Nang Resort are renowned as “The largest and most modern international conference room in the Central region of Vietnam”. With a huge capacity of 1000-2500 guests, along with modern facilities, this has become a prestigious venue for hosting seminars, conferences, and high-class events for leading companies and corporations.

Therefore, if you are planning big conferences in Da Nang, Furama Da Nang Resort will be top of mind worth considering!

Capacity & Layout (unit: person)

Danang Ballroom 1&2, 2&3 (516m2)

  • Theater: 700 persons
  • Classroom: 350 persons
  • U Shape: 170 persons

Danang Grand Ballroom (774m2)

  • Theater: 1000 persons
  • Classroom: 500 persons
  • U Shape: 250 persons
conference room - Furama Đà Nẵng Resort
Conference room at Furama Resort Danang

2. Ariyana Convention Centre Danang

This place is considered the leading event venue in Da Nang in particular and in Vietnam in general. Ariyana conveniently featured a flexible pillarless Grand Ballroom, a large exhibition foyer, and six function rooms catering for up to 2,500 people. Not only possessing a huge area, the conference space at Ariyana is also equipped with advanced technologies, sophisticated interiors and high-quality facilities. Not only is it suitable for conferences but also the right choice for holding wedding ceremonies, galas, concerts, fashion shows, or event outdoor exhibitions. This makes Ariyana Convention Center a perfect venue for both national and international events.

In particular, in 2017, Ariyana successfully hosted APEC 2017 meetings, attended by 21 leaders of member countries as well as 15,000 representatives of major enterprises and 6,000 members of international media. Ariyana Convention Centre Danang affirmed its ability to meet stringent standards serving world-class events.

Conference room at Ariyana
Conference room at Ariyana Convention Centre Danang

Hopefully, the above tips and list of conference rooms in Da Nang will help you find the most suitable venue for your upcoming event.

If you are looking for a place to host an event, conference, or seminar for under 100 people, Enouvo Space is a reliable choice, helping you to be completely confident when welcoming customers, partners, or exchanging and working effectively. Contact Enouvo Space to book a room today!

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