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The best apartment in Danang for work-life balance

For enjoying rest and relaxation, you can indulge in an apartment in Danang. And the apartment at Enouvo Space is the best place for your business trip with a business ecosystem and also makes you feel right at home in this vibrant city.

The best site for experiencing apartment in Danang

As a good apartment in Danang, Enouvo Space is located in just a perfect Danang spot where you can still enjoy a quiet night’s sleep and spend only a few minutes getting to any must-see tourist attractions. Enouvo Space is surrounded by residential areas, and the commercial center, food court, eat & drink, pharmacy & hospital, fitness center, and ATMs… are all within a short walk. It is easy for you to enjoy the local culture and authentic cuisine.

Căn hộ cho thuê Đà Nẵng

Moreover, near the foreigner’s area as My Khe Beach or An Thuong, you can enjoy the hectic pace of life in the urban city. The wonderful thing about an apartment at Enouvo Space comes from contemplating the dawn or sunset on the rooftop or window. And go along the finest beach in the afternoon with beloved ones. 

Well-designed room with vibrant space

We offer well-defined spaces for living and working. Enouvo’s apartments are decorated with yellow, black, and white amenities. Besides that, the living area takes advantage of the natural-lit, creating a bright room and eye-catching. 

Căn hộ cho thuê Đà Nẵng

Moreover, in the room, we use yellow light to bring warmth to your home. You can deal with your deadline or read a favorite book and enjoy the spectacular city view from the apartment window when working. 

Fully equipment and amenities

Enouvo Space is considered to be an ideal choice for travelers looking for a good living space. All rooms are equipped with an LCD television, electronic safe and multi-split air-conditioner, and WiFi connectivity. Our apartment also accommodates a private kitchen in-room and fully-equipped amenities. What a wonderful thing to cook a delicious meal for your beloved ones or favorite dishes after long working hours. 

Căn hộ cho thuê Đà Nẵng

Don’t spending too much money to decorate and equip your room; just live and enjoy it. All things are set up by Enouvo Space.

High-security living space

Enouvo Space is equipped with 24/7 CCTV and security guards to protect you from working and living space. ‘Lock & leave’ lifestyle allows you to actively live your life & travel, knowing your home is secure. We also have 24 hours security guards to make sure of your safety.

The dedicated living services for work-life balance

Enouvo Space proud to have excellent living standards for foreigners. It is convenient and comfortable and located in a clean and safe environment. Don’t worry about wasting much time cleaning your room because of our weekly cleaning services. 

apartment in Danang

You can also get access to the gym, coffee bar, and rooftop space to relax. We have Enouvo Cafe, where we create many authentic and energetic drinks to awaken your mood every day. 

Enouvo Space is the favorite home for digital nomads; expats live the local life with guidance from our friendly and helpful staff. They are willing to support you in solving your living or working space problems as soon as possible. Perhaps everything is more comfortable with their help from ordering foods or exploring the local culture and cuisine. 

Access an ideal coworking space

As the Enouvo ecosystem, you can access our vibrant coworking space with a membership fee when living at our apartment. Enouvo Space provides a cozy, perfectly designed space for you to enjoy working remotely. Our flexible coworking options are designed to suit your needs. We have a variety of flexible and dedicated desks, so you can find the right choice for you. Don’t need to go to another place. You can live, work, and go to a coffee shop in the same building, especially in Danang’s rainy season.

Căn hộ cho thuê Đà Nẵng

Meet like-minded people and creative individuals just like you

Sundowners of AusCham at Enouvo Space

The amount of apartment in Danang is private and distinguished. Enouvo Space is not. You can have many chances to meet and make friends with like-minded people in our dorms or apartments, or coworking.

Moreover, we have many great activities such as Potluck or Vietnamese club every month. That is an extraordinary occasion for you to gather with others, learn more new knowledge, and have many memorable experiences.

As the pioneer’s coworking and coliving in Danang, Enouvo Space attracts many organizations or groups and has a lot of remarkable events. You can join them quickly and gain the most moments from it. 

Unwind your stress as a cozy living space

Workspace on the rooftop

At Enouvo Space, you can lie lazily in a cushy bed after working hours and have a good sleep with peace space. Also, you can listen to your favorite melodies on the rooftop with an extraordinary view. And nothing is happier than having a BBQ party with new friends in a unique space, enjoy excellent meals and chat satisfactorily. Perhaps your stress is unwinding in-a-note with us.

The reasonable price

Though Enouvo Space is convenient, it has a reasonable price. We offer a variety of packages from daily, weekly, and monthly starting at $20. Moreover, you just paid for your electricity, water bill and your renting room price. All of the extra services, such as cleaning, washing, etc., are included in the rental price. You can get a big promotion from Enouvo Space to support you, especially after COVID. How do you think about right co-living services and saving a lot of money?

If you find a suitable apartment in Danang, let’s visit us to enjoy your life and use your money smartly. 

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