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Unleashing the Advantage of AI in the Digital Landscape

Artificial Intelligence technology is getting more and more attention in the era of the 4.0 industry. It is being applied by many big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. So what’s the advantage of AI and how to apply it in digital marketing? Let’s find out with Enouvo Space in the article below! 

What is AI? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a science-based technology programmed by humans, which allows machines, especially computers to simulate human thinking and learning. AI was developed with the goal of automating intelligent actions like humans, which would reduce the need for human agents while simultaneously ensuring greater accuracy. 

The dominant advantage of AI 

Artificial intelligence has the ability to operate continuously, which goes beyond humans’ capability. With AI technology, people can accomplish more work while reducing their workload. So what’s exactly the advantage of AI? 

Increase work productivity

AI can automate many common tasks and workflows, reducing the burden on employees and allowing them to focus on higher-level tasks. Automation can eliminate repetitive and error-prone tasks, helping employees do their jobs faster and more accurately.

For example, chatbots run by AI can handle customer service requests or AI-generated algorithms can analyze data and recognize patterns.

Improve accuracy 

In addition to delivering higher productivity and better performance, AI algorithms are well-trained to avoid errors. AI systems are capable of processing large amounts of data quickly and accurately, so human errors are almost eliminated from programming. This is especially useful for industries that need a high degree of accuracy such as healthcare and finance. 

ai benefits
Improving accuracy is a great advantage of AI

Help make better decisions 

Each person has different thoughts and feelings that affect how they make decisions. Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, only works on data and logical calculations without being influenced by emotions. AI can analyze data and provide insights that even humans cannot identify, enabling them to make better decisions. For example, AI can be used to help predict customer behavior, optimize supply chains, and quantify potential risks.    

Save costs

Another advantage of AI is its ability to help reduce labor costs and increase business profits. For example, AI-powered chatbots can handle customer service requests at a fraction of the cost of human agents.

Enhance customer experience

Chatbots powered by AI and other tools can provide fast and personalized services to customers, contributing to improving their overall experience for businesses. For instance, AI can be used to personalize product recommendations, answer customer questions, and solve simple problems. 

Unlock the new innovative opportunity 

Artificial Intelligence is opening up a lot of new innovation opportunities in many industries. From healthcare to retail, finance to transportation, and manufacturing to education, AI is reshaping the way businesses operate and improving overall efficiency. As technology continues to advance, the potential for AI-driven innovation is limitless, promising a future of endless possibilities.

Applying AI to Digital Landscape

It will be such a lack not to mention Generative AI when it comes to the most notable and influential AI applications. This is a big step ahead for artificial intelligence with the ability to create new content such as text, images, graphics, videos, etc. The results made by Generative AI are not only impressive but also special with the imitation of human thinking.

Chat GPT is an example of Generative AI, but it’s just a part of the diverse and amazing applications of Generative AI. Simply put, Generative AI is more than a chatbot that is classified into the following groups: 

Visual Generator

This application allows users to create images, videos, and design products using artificial intelligence. Visual generators can be categorized as follows:

Image generators: This application allows users to generate images from prompts – text2img, or from other images img2img. There are two different types of image generators: commercial service image generators (Midjourney, Dall-E) and self-installed open source (Stable Diffusion). 

Video generators: This is a tool creating videos from prompts, text2video, or from other videos to help create 3D products instead of traditional 3D tools like Blender, Mocap, etc. This group is also divided into 2 formats: Commercial service (DeepMotion, Synthesia) and a self-installing open-source solution (Modelscope).

Design generators: This AI application helps to create design products according to available prompts or contexts. This group can also be divided into two categories as follows: commercial design generators that exist separately like, simplified,, and AI-powered features of a big and available design tool like Canva. Usually, the first former does better for each individual feature.

Audio Generator 

Similar to Visual Generators, Audio Generator can also create audio products from artificial intelligence. It can be used to quickly and accurately create sounds such as voices, melodies, and recognize sounds. This application is divided into 2 types as follows:

Audio generators: This type can generate voices, voiceovers, add expressiveness or make the voice more natural. It can also automatically record subtitles from audio or video content. This group has a wide range of options from commercial to self-installed open source platforms.

Music generators: This type allows users to create music from prompts, contexts, and images. It can extract stems from mixed audio tracks, remix tracks, and support DJ work. Now there are even royalty-free music repositories created by AI. 

ai benefits
User can take advantage of AI to create different kinds of sound.

Text generators 

AI chatbots can answer any question, assist in writing content, or act as a character to accomplish tasks and follow given prompts. One of the prominent commercial service platforms in this group is ChatGPT which self-installing open sources. 

By taking advantage of AI, especially AI text generators, content creators can easily find ideas or create more quality and engaging content. In particular, AI can help build personalized content by tracking and aggregating customer information on online platforms such as websites, landing pages, and social media, then offering separate recommendations for each different customer audience.

Code generators 

“Co-pilot” AIs help programmers code faster and more accurately. This group also has commercials like Github Copilot or self-installing open sources based on GPT-3 models like GPT-Code-Clippy. 

Above are the advantage of AI and its outstanding applications. Hopefully, the article of Enouvo Space has helped you gain more useful insights to be successfully applied to your business’s digital plan. 

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