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7 Best Tips to Stay Happy in Lockdown

7 Best Tips to Stay Happy in Lockdown

Lockdown has really changed our lives a lot. We are forced to stay home all the time, which is very hard and depressing. So in this blog we share some tips to be happy and have fun at your home :

Exploring Yourself Staying At Home:

It is a great time to explore and understand more about yourself. You could try dancing like a dork or painting some random things or even bedroom singing. Trying new fun stuff that could be done at home would be a brilliant start for having a happy time in the lockdown.

You could even call your best friends and dance or sing together online, I know it sounds crazy but it can relieve all your stress. Keep trying new things and be active while you stay home.

Becoming Master Chef :

Most of us have always stayed away from cooking, instead just eat all the delicious food available. So this time let’s try to practice cooking tasty foods and experiment with new dishes. 

Also, it’s a great opportunity to spend happy time with your family to cook and eat together. There are many videos to learn to cook food from all around the world. This can help you kill time but also learn an important skill to make food edible.

And psychologically eating tasty food can make you feel happy and energetic, which is the need of the hour in this lockdown while staying at home.

Feeling Productive In The Lockdown:

It is important for us to have a sense of accomplishment every day to stay motivated and happy. Trying to learn some new skills or spending quality time while working or even cleaning the room and cooking delicious food. 

Soft skills like effective communication or learning more about your field of work or anything that you wanted to learn but never did because thinking it’s hard to learn. With highly innovative and interactive online courses, it is very easy to study online staying home in the lockdown.

There are always opportunities for us to keep growing and learning new things every day, so try to utilise this time to make it useful.

Listen to Podcast :

Are you feeling bad for watching movies and series all the time? Your eyes are turning red? Then try listening to podcasts once, it’s great for entertainment without straining our vision. 

There are so many types of podcasts from technical ones to humorous shows, you can search to find the intriguing one to listen. Lockdown is the best time to start new good habits.

Create Healthy Routine :

We always have been used to following our regular routines like going to school or office, playing sports and meeting friends. And now in the lockdown our regular routines are totally collapsed staying at home. 

So it is very important to create a similar routine to follow, maybe cooking, cleaning, exercising, reading, working and other activities. It helps you to feel that you have something to do. 

And also trying to keep your work life and normal life separate, which is a necessity while working from home. 

Reduce Reading News :

We all feel lost and want to keep updating with the latest news these days. But it can also affect our mood a lot. Reading negative news all the time is not great and makes us feel anxious. 

So just try to read news once a day from reliable news sources. Instead, start reading books or writing something, maybe ‘how I survived the lockdown in 2020’. You could read that back to your kid in the future. Try to be calm and confident while staying at home

Stay connected :

In our normal days our lives revolve around people, we meet so many fresh faces and have different interactions. But now in the lockdown it’s totally the opposite. We’ve been left alone to stay at home all the time with no physical touch or real interactions. 

But still, in these ages of technological advancement we have a lot more ways to meet people and be happy just staying home. We always have some amazing friends whom we wish to talk more but never had the time to. Let’s call them and have a funny chat about your happy childhood. 

And also nowadays everything is available online like yoga classes, group workout, public speaking and many more. You could also join the latest workout challenges with your colleagues and friends to stay connected and happy. But also try to reduce the time you spend online, instead spend more time with your family or people you live with.

After the Lockdown :

If you are trying to find a nice coworking space with lovely people to work and create, check out Enouvo Space. We are a group of like-minded young people trying to provide a place for digital nomads with innovative visions. Hope we could meet you someday and have fun.

Let’s try our best to stay happy and motivated throughout this lockdown. Try to do something productive and have fun safely. Hope you gained some useful tips from this article.

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