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5 Reasons Why Choose a Co-Living Space

What is Co-living?

Before going to the main purpose of this article, let’s find out what co-living means. Coliving is a trend of living with other people, sharing places, sharing facilities, and sharing money. Coliving is a cultural distinction, as it can encompass many structural forms, including rental and ownership, urban and rural.
Known as a growing trend, there are more and more coliving space has been built. This became a common choice, especially for people who work abroad.

Why should choose a Co-living space?

Co-living space or flat? Hotel or apartment? It seems this is a common consideration of many people when working remotely. It is true that these forms have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, do you wondering why co-living is always dominant? Let’s explore 4 outstanding elements that only coliving space can have:

No deposit

One of the biggest advantages that co-living space providers are offering to the occupants is the freedom from paying huge deposits to the landlord. On the other hand, co-living space providers charge no or very little deposit which is a big boon to such occupants. This is an ideal solution for those who just stay in the city for a few months.

Networking and contacts

Connecting event in Coliving Space
Connecting event in Coliving Space

As we mentioned above, living in a coliving space can bring you a big chance to contacts like-minded people and expand your networking. Most of the co-living spaces have a community for their people where you can share and learn from talented people all over the world.

Save Money & time

It’s not super cheap when renting a co-living space, however, you can save a lot of money for furniture, taxes, wifi, laundry and so on. In addition, the cleaning service is attached so you can save time and don’t have to pay for any extra fees. One more thing, all the necessary things for a living place are prepared so you can come and enjoy right away without a lengthy set-up period.

Fully amenities

Coliving space nearly provides an all-in-one service where you don’t have to worry about the mundane task such as laundry and housekeeping. There is a provision for high-speed internet and quiet places set up for occasions when the resident chooses to work from home. One can also establish a workout regimen with the gym, yoga class, and sports center in a co-living home. Imagine you are in a place with endless facilities for working and living. It is ideal, isn’t it?

How Enouvo can help?

Confidently being the first coworking & coliving in Danang, Enouvo Space proud to become an inspiring home for co-creative digital nomads in Vietnam.

Are you consider renting a coliving space for your daily work or on occasion? Located in Da Nang, Vietnam, Enouvo Space 2 provides you a co-living environment with a fun and enjoyable co-connecting space to work, collaborate and meet like-minded people. We also ensure a high-security place with cameras and 24/7 guard. In addition, we even include co-working space and coworking café so you can perfectly enjoy working days!

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